Mogwai Labs


Mogwai Labs

Building 239
Innovation Campus
Squires Way
North Wollongong
NSW 2500

0404 975 127

Mogwai Labs is a liquid yeast lab based on Dharawal country, Illawarra, NSW. 

Yeast plays a major role in creating the iconic flavour profiles of beer and other fermented beverages around the world. These characteristics allow us to define a beer to a particular region.

It is our mission to give brewers better access to these yeast cultures. Whether it is to replicate these classic styles, pushing the boundaries of innovation or exploring new flavours unique to their local area.

We offer a large, diverse range of fresh liquid yeast pitches for professional brewers including:

  • Classic ale and lager strains
  • Mixed fermentation
  • Australian foraged
  • House cultures & blends

To see Mogwai Labs' full range of fresh liquid yeast cultures, please visit their website:

Want to talk all things fermentation for your brewery or get more information on our pitches? Then please get in touch for a free consultation.

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