Rockstar Brewer Academy

Do you want to create a sustainable brewing business in the increasingly competitive craft beer market?

Do you want to grow your brand through predictable, consistent sales?

In order to achieve predictable, consistent sales, your beer must also be predictable, consistent and of the highest quality.

Your consumers demand it.

Our clients live and breathe by the mantra, "My next batch of beer will be my best!"

You already know how to brew – we'll help you brew your best.

Rockstar Brewer Academy is your one-stop shop for essential brewery operations support services.

We offer:

  • Online Education - Our online courses teach professional brewers how to grow their business through brewing high quality, consistent beer that keeps consumers coming back for more.
  • Consulting - Whether it's award-winning recipe development, writing your brewery's quality manual, writing Standard Operating Procedures, establishing your Quality Lab or Sensory Analysis of your product, we can give you the advice you need to succeed.
  • Brewery Lab Analysis Services - If you lack the capital or time to undertake your own lab work, let our lab be your partner in beer quality. We give you the quality information you need to ensure that you're producing the best beer you can.  Whether it's Water Analysis, ABV, IBU, Colour, Haze or microbiological analysis, we can analyse water, wort and beer and offer you a "brewer-to-brewer" conversation about your specific requirements.
  • Private Community - Need brewing technical advice? Unlike the free-for-all of public forums, the Rockstar Brewer Community gives you access to a wealth of knowledge, moderated by brewers with proven expertise. Public forums will give you several different opinions - we invite you to seek advice from a trusted source.  We even run monthly online "Mastermind" sessions where we discuss current brewing technical issues.
  • Rockstar Brewer App - Our app lets you set the specification of each of your beers which you can then track each batch as it progresses through your brewery, helping you collect critical quality metrics so you have the information at hand to improve your beer quality.

Whether you're an established brewery or a brewery in planning, Rockstar Brewer Academy can help you make consistent, award-winning beer that will grow your brand.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Rockstar Brewer Academy

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QLD 4382

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