Yakima Chief Hops


Yakima Chief Hops

306 Division Street
WA 98902 USA

1800 119622

As a 100 percent grower-owned network of family hop farms, Yakima Chief Hops™ are uniquely positioned to establish strong relationships between the growers who supply the premium hops and the innovative brewing customers who showcase the product in their excellent beers. 

With a strong focus on new product discovery, process improvement and sustainability, Yakima Chief Hops™ is dedicated to providing the very best hop products to the global brewing community.

Through establishing a strong relationship with Cryer Malt, local distributors of brewing ingredients, Yakima Chief can supply quality Pacific Northwest hops to Australian and New Zealand brewers. Through strategic warehouse location, as well as a strong Australasian sales presence, brewers now can work with Cryer Malt to source their hops directly from Yakima Chief’s local growers and craft them into their delicious brews we have all come to love.

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