POSTPONED // Beer Club Exclusive: The Botany Bonanza

Sat 12 Feb 12:00pm

POSTPONED // Beer Club Exclusive: The Botany Bonanza

NB Due to COVID, this event has been postponed. We’ll confirm the new date ASAP.

Just two years ago, there were no breweries in Botany. Now you can find two of the best in Australia around the corner from each other.

You've got Slow Lane amassing trophies galore with their focus on European styles done properly and One Drop pushing the boundaries of what contemporary craft beer can be (while also playing with a still).

We suggested it would be awesome to do an event with both of them for members of our beer club, The Crafty Cabal, and they loved the idea. Then lockdowns happened... but now we have a date: February 12, 2022.

We're still working out exactly how it's going to look, but let's just say the conversations that have taken place so far have the Crafty crew very excited and it will involve sessions at both breweries (and a short walk in between).

While we work out the finer details, we figured we'd take registrations of interest first then email all members on that list when tickets go on sale so everyone has as good a chance as any of making it.

You can sign in or sign up as a new member to register here.

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