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2019 is the postcode for Botany, in Sydney. It’s fitting it’s also the year Botany landed its first brewery: One Drop Brewing Co.

Until then, Botany locals - such as owners Clay and Meg - had often needed to look outside of the sleepy suburb for a good time.

“There wasn't much to do in Botany,” says Meg with a laugh. She’d know, having grown up just a few blocks from where their brewery now sits.

So, after years spent watching the good beer scene grow around them in Sydney, Clay and Meg decided Botany needed its own watering hole. It needed a chilled out community hangout. It needed its own brewery bar. And it needed its own beers, which arrived with flagship Botany Bay Lager leading the way.

One Drop is unassuming from the front - all that distinguishes it from other warehouses is the One Drop logo on the doors and a small neon sign that reads “BEER”. But passing through the entrance hallway into the brewery is like stepping into a beer lover’s paradise. Instead of a dark warehouse, the space is open and airy, with gleaming stainless steel tanks and smiling staff inviting you to grab a beer and take a seat.

Botany Bay Lager was the first release and pours as clear as the expanse of glass on the far wall, designed to let sunlight shine into the brewery. It picked up gold at the prestigious Australian International Beer Awards within months of the brewery opening too, evidence that, for all the chilled out vibes, this is an operation that's serious about quality too.

The rotating IPAs are fresh and lively as the potted palm trees scattered throughout the bar. The fruited sours stun people with their vivid colours, matched only by the purple and orange mural of a Caribbean sunset.

Between the sunlight, the artistic ocean view and indoor greenery - not to mention the beer garden out the back - the whole place has an island atmosphere. And the undercurrent of reggae providing the soundtrack for every sip shows this is no accident.

“I’ve been a massive reggae head forever,” says Clay. “Sitting around listening to it. Chilled vibes. Our brand is part of that reggae feel. The beers are awesome… but the vibe completes it.”

As well as influencing the background music, the decor and the general vibe, reggae provided the inspiration for the brewery’s name - “one drop” is the drum beat that lays the foundation of reggae music. But the name One Drop also points to the idea of creating a positive vibration that reaches those around you, in the way a single drop can cause ripples. It's manifested in their efforts to design environmentally-friendly cartons for their beers, which you can read about in our Going Green series here

The owners see the brewery as a way for them to give something back to Botany.

“We wanted to create something by the community, for the community. A local product you can be proud of.”

The community has indeed jumped on board from day one, with locals quickly becoming regulars, dogs sniffing around the beer garden, and kids playing Street Fighter or giant Jenga.

One Drop isn’t a neighbourhood secret, though. Their beers quickly gained a reputation further afield with early awards - as well as the AIBA success for Botany Bay Lager, there were golds for their XPA and a Blueberry Sour too.

Despite this, their target audience isn’t beer judges - One Drop brews beers to please themselves and their community.

Brewer Nick Calder-Scholes loves delicate lagers. Since he already builds the water profile for every beer, he replicates those of different cities in Europe for different styles of lager. He tries to have two lagers on tap at all times, and is happy to educate punters about the difference.

Meg loves sour beers, and One Drop are arguably already best known for their brightly-hued, fruited sours, which contain up to 200g of fruit per litre. (Yes, that is a ridiculously large amount of fruit. Yes, the sours are always bursting with flavour.)

Clay loves hoppy beers, so the core range XPA is punchy but sessionable, and the IPAs are constantly being tweaked and rotated, with customer feedback influencing the hop bill of each brew.

One Drop is certainly a place where beer nerds can fawn over the technical details. But, with that rhythmic reggae bass in your ears and a beer in your hand, it’s mighty tempting to just sit back and let the chilled out ambience wash over you. With a little imagination, the mural of a purple and orange sunset can take you from Botany to the Caribbean in an instant.

“You can sit at the bar and look off the island, over the ocean,” says Clay. “It’s like having a brewery with you on a deserted island.”

And isn’t that the dream?

One Drop Brewing Co

5 Erith Street
NSW 2019

Open Hours

Summer Open Hours:
Tuesday: 3.30pm to 9pm
Wed & Thurs: midday to 9pm
Friday: midday to 10pm
Saturday: 11.30am to 10pm
Sunday: 11.30am to 9pm

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One Drop Brewing Co Regulars

One Drop Brewing Stout

When you order a stout at One Drop, the bartender will as you: “Would you like it on CO2 or Nitro?” Not many breweries offer their core range stout on both, but once you’ve had this experience, you start wishing everyone would do it. This stout has a latte coloured head and the aroma of a well made cappuccino but, from the first sip, it’s more reminiscent of a creamy hot chocolate - except cold, of course. The addition of cocoa paste and lactose give this beer a sweetness and thickness you… Read more

Sydney Royal Beer Awards 2019 – Gold

One Drop Brewing XPA

There are things in this world that bring freshness to mind in its purest form. For some, it’s newly cut grass. For others, the distinct smell of the air after it’s been raining all night. Others still, cold watermelon that’s delicious all the way up to the rind. And, perhaps from now on, the fresh green hop flavours of One Drop’s XPA. Passionfruit and stonefruit rule in this beer, with a compliment of citrus and a little grassiness as it draws nearer to room temperature. A bitey bitterness… Read more

AIBA 2019 – Gold
Sydney Royal Beer Awards 2019 – Gold

One Drop Brewing Botany Bay Lager

When they were first deciding on what their core range beers would be, the owners at One Drop knew a lager would be the most familiar style for the people in the local community. They decided to name it Botany Bay Lager - their locals can walk in and know what to expect before they’ve even tried it. A sensible, well thought out business decision. Mention it around brewer Nick, however, and he’ll likely interrupt with: “Lager is king! Long live the king!” His reaction to this beer comes straight… Read more

AIBA 2019 – Gold
Sydney Royal Beer Awards 2019 – Gold

One Drop Brewing Co Specials

One Drop Brewing Dark Cherry Imperial Sour

Tapped April 6th, 2020
It’s only April and already 2020 has thrown a whole lot at things at us we all rather it hadn’t, thank you very much. But in the pursuit of endless optimism, I’m going to suggest something I'm grateful for in 2020 - the rise of imperial sours. This isn’t the first time I've waxed lyrical about them, and I hope it won't be the last. The latest one to cross my path is One Drop’s Dark Cherry Imperial Sour, and I found myself raving about it to everyone who would listen (in lockdown, this included… Read more
Imperial Fruit Sour

One Drop Brewing Hazy IPA & Castaway IPA

Tapped April 3rd, 2020
Late last year, One Drop released a New World IPA, and described it as being "brewed like a West Coast but hopped like an East Coast”. But, in the interest of doing isolation well, they’ve now separated the West Coast from the East Coast, making two beers from the one. Their Hazy IPA is bursting with summer fruit hop notes, boasting pineapple, mango and stonefruit on the nose. But it’s the texture from the wheat and oats that really amps this one up - it’s like drinking a blanket fort… Read more
Hazy IPA & West Coast IPA
7.2% & 6.0%

One Drop Brewing Passionfruit Sour

Tapped February 28th, 2020
I like passionfruit, but my dad loves passionfruit. So, at my childhood home in the suburbs of Brisbane, he’d grow passionfruit vines on all of the low chain link fences bordering our backyard and, in season, those thickly woven vines would bear passionfruit by the hundreds. Some we’d pick, while others would wait and wrinkle and plop onto the ground, ripe and ready to eat. We’d cut open the cardboardy shell of those suckers and the potent tang would hit our noses straight away. Even though… Read more
Fruit Sour

One Drop Brewing Mango Milkshake IPA

Tapped January 31st, 2020
Some breweries add a little lactose to a hazy IPA and call it a milkshake IPA. One Drop takes it to a whole new level. If you tasted their Kellogg’s Cornflakes Milkshake IPA (are we still allowed to say “cornflakes” and “IPA” in the same sentence?) and enjoyed it, don’t bother reading the following description. Just get this beer. If you didn’t try the collab with The Cereal That Shall Not Be Named (Anymore), then come to this beer expecting face-thwacking creamy fruitiness. In the… Read more
Mango Milkshake IPA

One Drop Brewing 5 Brett Saison

Tapped January 29th, 2020
One Drop Brewing add flavour ingredients to their beers with a generous hand. Making an IPA? Don’t be shy with the hops. Making a fruit beer? Pack it in tight. Making a Brett saison? Hmmm better use five strains of Brettanomyces. Let’s get some real flavour happening here. Having said that, don’t take my flippant tone to mean there’s anything clumsy about their approach to the 5 Brett Saison. The first of One Drop’s Limited Cellar Series takes the brewery’s carefully crafted Saison and… Read more
Brett Saison

One Drop Brewing Strawberry Honeydew Sour & Guava White Grape Gose & New World IPA

Tapped November 28th, 2019
One Drop and their fruit sours. Wowsers. It turns out when you put in almost 200g of fruit per litre of beer, it has a serious impact... In terms of colour, the Strawberry Honeydew Sour presents a light copper orange, just a shade darker than apple juice, but with a hint of pink to set it apart; while that may sound like an unrealistically complicated colour, the metallic strip on the can captures it perfectly. But it’s the aroma that’ll really blow you away - sweet and potent, like strawberry… Read more
Fruit Sours & IPA
6.2% / 5.7% / 6.5%

One Drop Brewery

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Liquor Emporium Alexandria

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One Drop Kellogg's Cornflakes Nitro Milkshake IPA

Tapped September 28th, 2019
This is One Drop’s first IPA in a can, and first nitro beer in a can - significant milestones for a young brewery. It’s also their first collab - and what a collab! One Drop teamed up with Kellogg’s, who are also based in Botany, to make a beer loaded with cornflakes. According to Bruno Madonna, director of research and technology at Kellogg: “We’ve always had a love of combining innovation with great tasting product at Kellogg. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes has been a catalyst to many amazing… Read more
Nitro Milkshake IPA

If you're reading this in time, you can join them for the beer's launch on September 28.

Aside from on tap at the brewery, the only place to buy the beer is online here.

One Drop Brewing Blueberry Sour

Tapped September 24th, 2019
Almost immediately after opening, One Drop sent off some of their first batches of beer to be judged at the Australian International Beer Awards… and scored a clutch of gold medals for their troubles. They were the only Australian brewery to win a gold medal in the Fruit Beer category, for their limited release Blueberry Sour. Of course, that batch didn’t last long - can you blame anyone? - so One Drop has done us all a favour by brewing it again. It sits in the glass a deep crimson tinged with… Read more
Blueberry Sour

One Drop Brewing Saison

Tapped September 3rd, 2019
Sometimes when specialty ingredients are added to a beer, it creates an entirely new flavour profile. At other times, the new ingredients seem to latch onto and bolster the existing flavours. One Drop’s Saison is the latter. A seven grain malt bill that includes rolled oats, wheat, and maize already sets this up with the potential to be a complex and flavourful beer. The use of Belle Saison yeast can be expected to bring spicy character to the finished product, and the Jarrylo hops might add a… Read more

One Drop Brewing Pilsner

The One Drop team sees their taproom as an opportunity to not only satiate their customers, but also to educate them. To this end, Nick the brewer tries make sure there’s always a second lager on tap (alongside the Botany Bay Lager) to give punters options. And anyone serving at the bar is happy to explain what those options are like. If someone asked about lagers, the bartender might explain that, as well as the core range lager, there’s a German inspired Pilsner available at the moment. That… Read more

One Drop Brewing Juicy & Enigma IPAs

Since opening its doors at the start of 2019, the One Drop taproom has been rotating through IPAs of different styles and with different hop varieties. They’re ostensibly experimenting to help them decide what kind of IPA they’d like to introduce to their core range, and asking for customer feedback to see what their locals enjoy. But it looks an awful lot like they’re just having fun making and drinking different IPAs. One of the two IPAs pouring when The Crafty Pint called in during winter… Read more
Both 6.9%

One Drop Brewing Apricot Sour & Redcurrant, Raspberry & Rosella Sour

When you approach a beer called Apricot Sour, you expect certain things. When you hear that the brewer used 220g of house-made apricot puree per litre of beer, those expectations get boosted. Intense aromas matching those of an orchard at fruit picking time. Cloudy appearance, almost opaque, with a deep orange heart. Nectar-like consistency, squeezing through your teeth with thick apricot sweetness. A tempered sourness balancing the flavours, and ensuring they hit every corner of your palate. Expectations… Read more
Fruit Sours
6.1% & 5.9%

One Drop Brewing Grisette

When your flagship beer is designed to be super easy-drinking and sessionable, it’s a bold move to out-sessionable it with a rarely seen style that’s even easier to drink than the house lager. But that doesn’t seem to bother One Drop. The Grisette is one of the palest beers you’ll see, looking and smelling similar to a lime soda, though with a fluffy head sitting on top. Its spritzy nature stimulates the tongue; those dancing bubbles enliven the taste buds to embrace the delicate fruity flavours… Read more
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