One Drop West Coast IPA & Liquid Citra IPA & Oni Citrus IPA & DDH Oat Cream DIPA

One Drop Brewing Co

Published December 24, 2020

I is for Intricate, because of the art
That sets Venom West Coast IPA apart.
A tattoo artist drew a great snake
With fangs that’ll give your nerves a shake.

The beer in the can is thick and bitter –
120 IBU makes it a hard hitter.
With resin and hefty malt coating your teeth,
You can bite back and crush this snake underneath.

P is for passion, for passionfruit sweet
Is what Liquid Citra makes me want to eat.
Caramel malts and lemon to boot
Accompany that juicy passionfruit.

The bitterness comes like a long time friend,
A buddy to join you at the day’s end.
Recline, settle in, and put your feet up
To enjoy all that Citra that’s filling your cup.

A is for Alphabet – from ABC,
For this beer gives great variety.
All burnt citrus? Aromatic Brûlée Crème?
A Berocca Cup (well, a glass with a stem)?

A three course meal from start to finish,
No one flavour do the others diminish.
There’s also liqueur to wash it all down,
Before you take Oni for a night on the town.

S is for Satire - just read the label,
It gave me a chuckle as I sat at table.
This DDH Oat Cream Double IPA
Pokes fun at itself in the best kind of way.

The One Drop crew know they make crazy beers,
And that we beer wankers will boast to our peers,
So they’ve given us the most elaborate words
To show us we’re all unbelievable nerds.

Supple and sensuous, sumptuous; they tell
Coordinates to "single origin lactose" as well.
But in the end, the beer is amazing –
Even if we all copped a bit of a hazing.

Mick Wust

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