One Drop Lucky Old You & It's All Gravy

One Drop Brewing Co

Published November 21, 2022

How’s this for a One Drop one-two punch combo? You open with lighting fast left jab in the form of a NZ hopped IPA then immediately follow up with the equivalent of taking a lead pipe out of your boxing trunks and just absolutely going to town on the poor bloke opposite.

Ungentlemanly? Certainly. Against the spirit of the sport? Absolutely. Illegal? Well, Tyson bit a man’s ear clean off and was only suspended for a year so I don’t see any reason why One Drop can’t release a 10 percent ABV stout with chocolate, orange, S’mores and pecans.

Lucky Old You is a 6.9 percent ABV IPA that’s given One Drop the chance, once again, to experiment with NZH102. This time, they’ve teamed up the extremely promising new variety with a bit more hometown love in the most Kiwi hop of all, Nelson Sauvin. This beer is really a very lovely shade of golden sun yellow with an airy and long-lasting head. On the nose is white grapes, red fleshed nectarine, Golden Circle Two Fruits and lemongrass. I find a bit of earthy cascara and hard candy on the palate with a lingering bitterness and a really pleasing malt base that offers a rich body with a touch of honeyed sweetness. Folks, it’s good stuff.

Right, with the niceties out of the way, it’s time to shed social norms and wallow around in the mud like a delighted little hog. It’s All Gravy is an imperial pastry stout that’s probably lethal to most of the animal kingdom. One Drop have taken a base of lactose-laden stout brewed with eight specialty malts then jammed it full of just about any dessert-themed adjunct they could get their sticky little hands on.

I almost cannot believe the aromas emanating from this thing. A heady combination of chocolate ice cream, Jaffas, vanilla and pecans march you around the back of the sports shed, smash you into ground and take the money you were going to spend on a pie and choccie milk for lunch. If that wasn’t enough, now you’ve gotta bloody drink this thing.

OK, here we go *clears throat*... choc ripple biscuits, marshmallows, Cottee’s chocolate topping, Jaffas, instant coffee, pecan pie filling, maple roasted pecans, orange zest, vanilla ice cream and Bailey’s Irish cream. Fans of unexpectedly needing to go to bed very early are absolutely going to love this one.

Judd Owen

NZ IPA & Imperial Pastry Stout
6.9% & 10.0%
One Drop Brewing Co

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