Beer Aficionados Brew Day at Stomping Ground

Sun 22 May 11:30am

Beer Aficionados Brew Day at Stomping Ground

If you've ever wanted to know, from a very technical perspective, what really goes into making beer, get yourself to Stomping Ground on May 22 as they host their Beer Aficionados Brew Day. 

Hosted by head brewer Ashur Hall and featuring a bunch of expert guests from across the industry, you'll be taken through a brewery tour with a technical bent; brewing a beer, learning processes and taking a deep dive into various ingredients.

The special guests will include:

  • Richard Chamberlin - Technical Manager of Lallemand to talk about yeast, nutrients & bacteria
  • Rachelle Rochecouste - Sales Manager at Ellerslie Australia to talk about malt
  • Greg Croke - Managing Director of Ellerslie Australia to talk about hops
  • Glenn Harrison - Technical Brewer of Ellerslie Australia to run through a sensory tasting, including off-flavour training alongside Stoming Ground lab tech Lindsey Astarita

A ticket includes beers and lunch with the brewers, plus your choice of a take-home Home Brew Pack or Merch + Beer pack. 

And when the beer you brew on the day is ready in a few weeks, you'll be invited back to come and have a taste.

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