SURE vs NZ at The Kyneton Hotel

Fri 10 Feb 5:00pm

SURE vs NZ at The Kyneton Hotel

'tis a brave brewer who decides to take on an entire country, but surely there can't be many more self-assured than one that calls itself SURE!

So it is that the team from SURE Brewing will find themselves at The Kyneton Hotel, squaring their beers up against a couple of heavyweights from across The Ditch. (Truth be told, the SURE team actually has a long affinity for kiwi beers and brewers, so no doubt a good, fun time will be had by all).

Here's how the (rather delicious) tap list is looking:

  • SURE - Spin Off Citrus Gose
  • SURE - Summertime Pale
  • SURE - 100% Dynamight WCIPA
  • SURE - 300% Dynamight Red IPA
  • Duncan's Brewing - Hazelnut Praline Imperial Blonde
  • 8 Wired - Double Scoop Baklava Imperial Stout 

Steve, Kieran and John from SURE will be there for a brewers shout from 5pm, so that'd be an excellent time to get yourself down there!