Lazy Lunch with Sobremesa at Bar Thyme

Sun 19 Mar 12:30pm

Lazy Lunch with Sobremesa at Bar Thyme

For too many of us lunch has become such a sad "meal", little more than basic sustenance consisting of whatever's closest/left over, thoughtlessly crammed in your face while unblinking eyes tunnel into a screen in an effort to momentarily separate yourself from the drudgery of the workday. 

The good news is this is a fundamental wrong that can be righted quickly, easily and with great pleasure, starting with this loooong and lazy lunch for the ages. 

On March 19, the fine wares from Sobremesa Fermentary & Blendery will be on show at Footscray's Bar Thyme for a high quality, six course, six beer feast that'll make you lament pot noodles forever. 

To make a booking, head here, select March 19 as your date and pick the 'Sobremesa Beer Lunch'.