Beer Basics Sensory Workshop

Tue 20 Jun 6:00pm

Beer Basics Sensory Workshop

Drinking beer is easy, but are you really doing it to the best of your ability? 

Knowing a bit more about why beer tastes the way it does can have a transformative effect on the way you enjoy it (or help define why you don't!). So if you'd like to top up your beer knowledge and open your mind to a wider world of tastes and flavours, get yourself enrolled in the Beer Basics Sensory Workshop. 

Led by Briony Liebich – the Certified Cicerone and experienced beer judge behind Flavour Logic (pictured above) – you'll enjoy a trio of three hour sessions covering a range of essential skills and knowledge covering beer styles, brewing ingredients, and tasting skills.

  • Week One - The basics of tasting, including descriptors and a deep dive into malt to demonstrate how raw materials affect the final beer.
  • Week Two - Builds your flavour and aroma vocabulary with a focus on hops, including Noble, English and American styles, with a discussion on faults. 
  • Week Three - Learn how yeast affects style and flavour, including refining tasting techniques with light, sour and wild ferment styles.

The course begins on June 20 and runs from 6-9pm over three consecutive weeks at the Adelaide City TAFE campus and their Wine and Spirits School.

To find out more, or to register, head here.

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