Molly Rose's Beers of the Burbs

Fri 30 Jun 5:00pm

Molly Rose's Beers of the Burbs

Canned parochialism? Now there's an idea... 

For their next event, Molly Rose will be pitting Melbourne suburbs (and its drinkers) against each other in a good ol' fashioned "Ours is better than yours!" beer competition.

Kicking off at the end of June they're inviting you to join one of six teams, each hosted by a top beer-lovin' venue in their part of the city:

Once you're on a team, you'll get together at your nominated venue for a brewing brainstorm with Molly Rose founder/brewer Nic Sandery where you'll collectively come up with the perfect beer that represents your suburb. The following week, you'll meet again, this time at Molly Rose in Collingwood, to brew that beer.

Once all six beers have been made, they'll host a big release party (August 31) where all the beers will be revealed, tasted and voted on by everyone there on the night. The victorious beer will get the honour of being canned and released to venues across the city in a blaze of glory for all other suburbs to bow down before. 

There are only 20 spots available on each team, so if you'd like to get in there you'll need to grab a ticket from the Molly Rose website. Tickets cost $90pp include the brewstorm, brew night, and entry to the winning event party. 

Join a team


If you're a member of The Crafty Pint's beer club, The Crafty Cabal, you could win a spot on your nearest suburb's team. We've got two $90 tickets up for grabs.

For your chance to win one, sign in or sign up via the Cabal website or free Crafty Pint app, select your team, and enter the giveaway by June 12.

Crafty Cabal Member offer at Molly Rose Brewing: Save 15% At Molly Rose's Webstore

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