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Molly Rose Brewing

279 Wellington Street
VIC 3066

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Wed & Thurs: 4pm to 10pm
Fri & Sat: midday to 1am
Sunday: midday to 10pm

There are so many opportunities to immerse yourself in the beer industry these days that it's far easier to amass knowledge and experience before launching your own venture. But we'll wager there are very few out there who have gone to quite the lengths of Nic Sandery.

Sure, the fact he spent time at established breweries Little Creatures, Stone & Wood and Holgate Brewhouse while he honed his skills isn't particularly unusual. Nor is the fact he's a keen student of beer and brewing. Yet such building blocks represent only part of what he's using to create Molly Rose Brewing.

Upon leaving a brewing position in early 2016 – and armed with a laptop, computer and protective cases for both – he set off to explore beer cultures in diverse regions of the world. He first spent time in Japan, later immersing himself in parts of the beer world in the US, England and Germany, all with the aim of understanding not just how they brewed and what they brewed but what beer culture meant in each of those places.

On returning from that trip, he worked at wineries in Victoria to understand the winemakers' mentality and techniques too and, along the way, built a vision for what Molly Rose would become.

Admittedly, all of this is well and good but, if it doesn't lead to Nic brewing and releasing any beer, is it not a little like the eternal student who embarks on successive uni courses? It might do, were it not for the fact that beers have been forthcoming since late 2017, initially in very small numbers but, from early 2019, in rather larger volumes.

From the very first releases, Nic showed how he planned to bring something new to the table and create something as elegant as the name Molly Rose (an amalgam of his grandmothers' first names) alludes. Those included a remarkable smoked Japanese dark lager featuring seaweed, for example, a finely tuned saison and a delicate strawberry-laced sour ale.

Midway through 2019, the doors to Molly Rose’s own home opened in the craft beer hub that is Collingwood. Built to a great degree by Nic's own hands inside a former furniture store on Wellington Street, barrels, tanks and the bar line the walls while contemporary hop driven beers, traditional lagers, farmhouse styles and barrel-aged blends typically pour through the taps.

It’s the kind of small neighbourhood brewery and bar that perfectly fits with Nic’s thoughtful approach to brewing and eagerness to educate drinkers about the wider beer culture while forging his own path.

The next major evolution came in early 2023, when a new Molly Rose appeared that felt like it had been taking shape ever since Nic bought his plane ticket to explore breweries across the world. Having taken over two adjoining buildings on Wellington Street, the new space saw Molly Rose install a small brewery. This complements the rest of their production: in some cases, wort is produced off site then fermented in-house; for many of his biggest-selling beers, they're brewed by mates at larger breweries.

That 300-litre brewery is a central feature with the expanded Molly Rose's beer garden, dining room and lounge, and allows for experimentation to flourish. Small batches brewed there allow the creativity to flow, which is the idea behind the 20-seat chef’s table (set to open in winter 2023) where beer, plates, wine and cocktails are presented as one. It’s the kind of blurring of lines that Nic has always promoted as a brewer and runs through the venue in which a genuinely gorgeous centrepiece bar serves local wine and other drinks alongside beer.

The venue’s wider food menu is as elegant as the space, featuring layered flavours that highlight local produce and use house fermented ingredients and sweet, sour and savoury flavours inspired by South East Asian street food.

Having begun the Molly Rose journey by setting off overseas to explore the drinking and dining culture of other countries, it feels only fitting that the modern brewery has ultimately brought something new to Australia’s craft beer culture.

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Stories featuring Molly Rose Brewing

Core Range

Molly Rose Wellington Bitter
Australian Pale Ale
Molly Rose Just In Time
Molly Rose Citra Citra & Strawberry Sublime
Citrus IPA & Strawberry Lime Gose
Both 0.5%
Molly Rose Brewing When Life Gives You Lemons
Lemon Farmhouse Ale
Molly Rose Brewing Skylight IPA
Molly Rose Brewing Matilde
Brett Saison

Limited Releases

Molly Rose Big Paws
Stong Dark Lager
Molly Rose Electrified
West Coast IPA
Molly Rose x Molly Rose Beers Of The Burbs: Stolen Lemons
Zest Za'atar Session IPA
Molly Rose Ginger, Sake And Dreams & Do You Realise?
Sour & Barrel-Fermented Saison
4.8% & 4.9%
Molly Rose Epoch
Molly Rose Interlaced
West Coast Double IPA
Molly Rose Little Gialla
Skin Contact Farmhouse Ale
Molly Rose Grapefruit Surprise & Coffee Citrus Sour
Hazy Pale & Sour Ale
3.5% & 4.2%
Molly Rose Embellished
Belgian Blonde
Molly Rose Beaming & Resolved
West Coast IPA & Saison
6.4% & 5.8%
Molly Rose Blanche
Belgian Witbier
Molly Rose Chuckle, Mazza & Mozza & Mamamo
Pale Ale, West Coast IPA & Radler
Molly Rose Brewing Kolsch #1
Molly Rose Polished & Adorned
Bock & Belgian Dubbel
6.4% & 6.6%
Molly Rose Raspberry Lamington
Rapsberry & Coconut Sour
Molly Rose Why Not A Brown Ale
American Brown Ale
The Mill x Molly Rose's Neighbourwood Beers
Barrel-Aged Lagers
5.4% & 6.1%
Molly Rose Peach, Peach, Nectarine
Stonefruit Sour
Molly Rose Grubby Paws
Dark Lager
Molly Rose Brewing Double Squished
Skin Contact Ale
Molly Rose Rye of the Tiger & Wink Wink
Rye IPA & American Amber
6.8% & 4.9%
Molly Rose Scarf Weather & Kuro
Spiced Amber Ale & Japanese Dark Lager
4.8% & 6.0%
Molly Rose Brewing East of Kent
English Pale Ale
Molly Rose Definitely Maybe
Half Double IPA
Molly Rose Brewing Smile With Your Eyes & Tan on Tan
Gose & Italian Pilsner
3.5% & 4.9%
Molly Rose Not Wasted #2
Pineapple Sour
Molly Rose Martyr
Spiced Sour Ale
Molly Rose Tinker & Pacific IPA
Sour Ale & West Coast IPA
4.6% & 6.0%
Molly Rose Organic XX & Zingy Kiss
Golden Ale & Sour
4.5% & 5.7%
Molly Rose Gaterale
Lemon Lime Sour
Molly Rose Too Easy & New Easy
Old Ale & New Old Ale
Both 4.4%
Molly Rose New Toys
Molly Rose Evolution Saison & Prickly On The Outside
Non-Alc Saison & Pineapple IPA
Both Less Tham 0.5%
Molly Rose Little Rosé
Skin Contact Farmhouse Ale
Molly Rose Raspy-Berrries
Fruited Farmhouse Ale
NZ Hops 2022: Molly Rose & Sailors Grave
Kveik IPA & Belgian Pale Ale
6.2% & 5.8%
Molly Rose Chardy Beer & Friends
Various Styles
5.8% & 4.6% & 5.5% & 4.6%
Molly Rose & Strangelove Radlers
2.8% & 2.6%
Molly Rose & Blackhearts' 2021 Festive Sours
Festive Sour Ales
4.8% & 5.2%
Molly Rose Crowd Goes Mild (Nitro) & Nitro Spiced Fig
Dark Mild & Vegan Dessert Stout
3.8% & 6.0%
Plonk Dark Beer Box
Various Styles
Various ABV
Molly Rose Brewing Mini Tom & Peach!
Strawberry & Peach Sours
4.0% & 5.4%
Molly Rose Fernandez, Citrus Tinker & Hand Plucked
Mixed Culture Sours & Peach Sour
4.9% & 4.9% & 4.0%
Molly Rose Hug Replacement & May As Well IPA
Hoppy Dark Ale & IPA
5.6% & 6.4%
Molly Rose Brewing Artist Series: Underground Summer
Spiced Grisette
Molly Rose & Blackhearts & Sparrows Blue Skies & Local Horizons 2020
Citrus Sour & Spiced Red Saison
5.0% & 5.6%
Molly Rose Little Hazy Beer & Lager
Hazy Pale & Pilsner
3.8% & 5.0%
Molly Rose Spring 2020 Releases
Various styles
Molly Rose Brewing Embellished, Resolved & Tretti Tre II
Belgian Blonde, Saison & Kveik Pale
5.9% & 5.8% & 5.0%
Molly Rose Brewing Baroness & Nitro Persian Coffee
Amber Lager & Nitro Stout
Both 5.2%
Molly Rose Brewing Shoulders & Crowd Goes Mild
IPA & Dark Mild
7.2% & 4.0%
Molly Rose Brewing Bit Of A Chuckle & Scarf Weather & Vegan Dessert Stout
Pale Ale & Spiced Amber & Vegan Milk Stout
4.8% & 4.8% & 5.7%
Molly Rose Brewing Darker Thing & Peachy Skies
Hoppy Porter & Peach Farmhouse Ale
6.2% & 5.2%
Molly Rose Oh, Honey, Honey #1 & Mr Spritz
Honey Saison & Fruit Sour
Both 6.0%
Molly Rose & Blackhearts & Sparrows Local Horizons
Spiced Farmhouse Ale
Molly Rose Brewing Shoulders Of Giants
West Coast IPA
Molly Rose Brewing When Life Gives You Lemons
Farmhouse Ale with Lemons
Molly Rose Brewing Beaming
Molly Rose Brewing Tretti Tre
Kveik IPA
Molly Rose Brewing La Forge Saison
Brett Saison
Molly Rose Brewing Ex Vinum Wild Dark Ale
Barrel Aged Dark Ale
Molly Rose Brewing Sour Times
Sour Citrus Coffee Ale
Molly Rose Brewing Kuro Japanese Dark Lager
Smoked Japanese Dark Lager
Molly Rose Brewing Sour Tom Strawberry Ale
Strawberry Sour Ale