Molly Rose Brewing La Forge Saison

Brett Saison

However you approach beer, you'll typically find the deeper you dig, the more avenues you find to follow. Whether that’s exploring beer history or the science of brewing, it appears you can never know too much. Even within seemingly tight style categories, there’s often plenty of wriggle room. So, while this beer from Molly Rose’s second Foundation Series pack is technically a Brett saison like the brewing company’s only regularly brewed beer to date – Matilde – it’s a pretty different beast.

Sure, they’re both named with a nod to Belgian beer culture – in this case after the pub in the town that’s home to Saison Dupont – and feature saison yeasts and Brettanomyces, but here there’s multiple strains of the latter at play, more hops and the not insignificant fact that it was fermented in oak too. Thus, it’s a far rounder and creamier beer texture wise and, while there’s some Brett character in there, it’s immersed in soft, sweet malts, lemon and oak. Indeed, such is the softness on the palate, the dryness you might expect before popping the cap barely gets a look in.

Published November 26, 2018

Molly Rose Brewing

279 Wellington Street
VIC 3066

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Wed & Thurs: 4pm to 10pm
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