Events Components of Beer #3: Yeast

Components of Beer #3: Yeast
6pm 19 Nov, 2014

The Wheaty loves beer, and now that they're making their own, they figured what better way to share that love than to talk in detail about what goes into great beer.

And so the Wheaty's Components of Beer Tasting Series was born! Four nights, four different pieces of the beer puzzle: Hops, Malt, Yeast and Water.

Guiding guests through these tastings is the newest addition to the Wheaty Brewing Corps team – Laura Mirsch. Laura joined the rest of the ladies from San Diego, where she worked as a brewer for one of the top craft breweries in America. Prior to that, Laura worked in production at both wineries and craft distilleries. She has a Masters degree in Sustainable Food Systems where her research focused on the history of beer, wine, and spirits as well as the modern craft beverage industry in America.

The third session focuses on yeast and is described by the Wheaty crew thus:

"Yeast really isn't an ingredient in beer. Instead, it is the hardest working employee of any brewery. As we taste through beers made with a range of yeasts, we'll talk about how yeast converts sugar into fizzy alcoholic goodness.

"From ales to lagers, we'll explore how brewers harness yeast to achieve a variety of styles and flavours. We're even going to delve into some of the anti-heroes of brewing – microorganisms that walk the line between causing spoilage and creating beautiful sour beers."

Tickets cost $20 plus BF and can be booked here.

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