Events Beer, Cheese & Chocolate at Rocks Brewery

Beer, Cheese & Chocolate at Rocks Brewery
6pm 2 Mar, 2016

When it comes to food and beer matching, you don't necessarily need to sit through a huge degustation to get the full benefits. There's nothing wrong with, say, a sliver of cheese or a nibble of chocolate to bring out an extra little something when combined with a beer. 

Which brings us to the first Beer, Cheese & Chocolate event being held at the Rocks Brewery in Alexandria. 

It'll feature six beers, four cheeses and two chocolates and by the end of the evening you should have some idea how these basic combinations work. The Rocks team will pour you some fresh beer from their brewery, cheese will range from French Roquefort to Tasmanian Cheddar and the choccies will be from Sydney's own Josophan’s Fine Chocolates. 

It's a private, ticketed event at the brewery so you'll need to book in advance. Tickets are $40 and can be reserved by contacting

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