Events Shows Us Your Tins! Modus Operandi Canned Beer Launch

Shows Us Your Tins! Modus Operandi Canned Beer Launch
12pm 24 Apr, 2016

After months of waiting, Modus Operandi has fired up its much-anticipated canning line and is about to unleash hoppiness across the land, 500ml at a time. And to mark the occasion, they're throwing a party. 

On Sunday April 24 and for one day only (and the day before a public holiday, it should be said...) you'll be able to head along to the brewery and drink their newly canned range. They'll have live music throughout the afternoon and a lucky door prize which will be the first ever case of canned Modus beer. 

Following that, between April 24-29 you'll be able to grab takeaway tinnies exclusively from the brewery before they start hitting stores. 

If you can't get to the brewery during that week, your next best bet would be to plan a trip to either The Oak Barrel, Balgowlah Porters, Beer Cartel or Barny’s on April 29 as they'll be the first stores to stock the cans. On top of that, they're doing a Willie Wonka-style Golden Ticket giveaway. 

Among the first run of cans there are four gold lids, one at each of the launch stores. If you find the elusive golden tinnie you'll win A Day In The Life Of Modus which gets you a one-off MO t-shirt, a day at the brewery helping brew and package a beer, knock-off beers and dinner at the end of your shift, and a case of freshly canned beer to take home. 

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