Nomad's MAD About Saison Session (NSW)

Thu 25 May 6:30pm

Nomad's MAD About Saison Session (NSW)

Fancy getting a bit of feedback on your home brews from the people whose job it is to make it every day? Or, if you don't brew, how about just discussing some great beer with them?

As part of Nomad's MAD About Beer series, they're opening up the brewery to anyone who wants to bring in a few bottles of beer, share with others, try some different stuff and learn more about a particular beer style with Nomad brewer Brayden as your guide.  

The first event (which has been rescheduled from April) will be focusing on saisons, which is rather a good choice considering Nomad's Long Trip is currently the trophy holder for Australia's best saison at the CBIA awards. 

This series of events is intended to be very informal so there's no food being catered for, but they'll probably put in an order for pizza so bring a few bucks if you want in. 

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