Brew For Range


Brew For Range

Posted March 7, 2023

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The new beers and brewing innovation never ends at Range, with the brewery constantly taking their beer in new directions.

If you'd like to join the creative crew as a brewer, they're hiring. 

Job Description: Brewer

The Brewer is responsible for performing a variety of fundamental and supportive tasks within our Newstead brewery, including canning, kegging, wort production, cellar work, yeast testing and general housekeeping operations, with assistance in maintenance duties and other departments as needed.

The brewer reports directly to the lead brewer and the head brewer. To do well in the role, they must have a combination of people skills, technical knowledge, an eye for detail and great organisational skills.

The brewer responsibilities at Range Brewing will involve:

  • Performs beer production operations, including cellar and laboratory processes, vessel CIP, wort production, and other beer production tasks 
  • Working in the brewery cellar, ensuring correct centrifugation is performed to hit both sensory and quality targets and to ensure the product is ready for packaging
  • Leads packaging operations, including can, keg, and bottle filling; labelling; palletizing; wrapping; and warehousing
  • Ensure that all vessels, equipment and facilities are kept clean and hygienic
  • Quality control management through engagement with quality assurance activities and projects; works along with quality control to ensure products meet quality assurance specifications and standards
  • Manage and maintain the operation of the packaging process and equipment
  • Assists in and performs essential warehousing functions, including accepting and fulfilling shipments, and inventory materials
  • Brewery maintenance including equipment maintenance, troubleshooting problems that arise and repair as needed
  • Use proper CIP procedures to clean and sanitise brewing equipment; maintain a clean and organised brewery workspace
  • Maintaining the use of Standard Operating Procedures to ensure all aspects of beer production and packaging align with safety, sanitary and quality protocols while allowing for process improvement and workflow efficiency
  • Carry out Research and Development bookkeeping as required 
  • Regular communications to appropriate personnel regarding production schedules, new releases, etc. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned

This role requires:

  • A minimum of 2-4 years experience in brewing/cellaring. Operating a canning line is not essential but is a plus
  • Experience in running a centrifuge
  • Understanding of how different styles react when packaging.
  • Ability to work independently as well as autonomously assisting the key members of the brewery team
  • The maintenance of high standards
  • Ability to motivate staff
  • An inquisitive mind and a preference for prevention rather than cure
  • Physical capabilities required for the role include but are not limited to the ability to work in wet and/or humid conditions; extreme heat; ability to frequently lift and/or move 30kgs ; ability to frequently sit, stand, walk, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl and climb
  • A good understanding of the wider brewing industry (sales, marketing and customers) is not essential but is a plus
  • The flexibility to assist particular teams with high-priority tasks as needed
  • Fluent written and spoken English; the ability to write articulately and succinctly
  • A forklift licence is essential in this role

The person will be:

  • ● careful and diligent – with a good dose of common sense
  • ● demanding of high standards and at ease with demanding people
  • ● efficient, effective and organised, in both the physical and digital worlds
  • ● modestly confident and also personable, good-humoured and trustworthy
  • ● at home in the worlds of beer and design
  • ● mindful of the limited resources of our planet
  • ● informal but 100% professional

If you are interested in applying, please email your resume and cover letter to with a short brief of your experience. We are looking for the right candidate to fit our culture, please let us know why you think you'd fit in and what attributes you can bring to the team. We need to know that you want to work with us, not that you just want a job.

We look forward to hearing from you.