Events Wrap – 24.11.16

November 25, 2016, by Nick Oscilowski

Events Wrap – 24.11.16

Christmas may be approaching fast but a glance at the events calendar shows something more resembling birthday season: this weekend sees NOLA Adelaide call in extra taps in order to cope with all the beer it will offer on its first birthday, while Bad Shepherd turns one by offering some beer specials that are as good as gifts on Sunday. Crafty Cabal members will be able to enjoy all Bad Shepherd beers for just $5 a pop on the day too.

For their first anniversary celebration, Old Wives Ales returns to where it all began a year ago and brings some new one-off treats along for the day; they're also hosting a pre-party intimate tasting for Cabal members – Crafty supporters can register now and we'll pick the lucky eight at the end of November.

In SA, Prancing Pony – a relative old timer in the context of all the first birthdays – celebrates the biggest of its four years by launching a new IPA at the Brewshed. Then there are those not even born yet, such as Co-Conspirators Brewing Company, which will make its first appearance at the start of December. 

This Sunday sees a double header at Flem-Ken Bowling Club's monthly Meet the Brewers session; Boatrocker and Wolf of the Willows are sharing the limelight at this one.

To something of much older lineage, real ale will be the focus at the Flat Rock Brew Cafe as they invite fellow New South Welshmen from Staves, Nomad and New England to bring in something new for a cask ale day. The same venue will then be digging into the cellar for a beer and whisky pairing showcase, something the folks at Boilermaker House are adept at, though their focus until Sunday is the appreciation of IPAs

The Noble Hops will be wading similarly into the world of hops when they feature the beers of California’s highly rated Knee Deep Brewing across their taps. One local brewer that shares an appreciation for beers of a robust nature is Dainton and they’ll be sharing some of their flavour at The Quarryman’s Hotel for the NSW launch of their newly canned beer at a Dainton Family Christmas Party. 

Another is, of course, Feral who kick off their second and final series of Tusk Days in WA today. Find all the venues and when they'll be tapping fresh as IIPA here.

The Empire Hotel will be featuring the top-of-the-hops (at least as far as the Crafty Pint’s recent IPA Blind Tasting event in Perth is concerned) Fixation against the just-turned-two Wolf of the Willows for its November Beer Club. If your palate prefers something a little more delicate, The Terminus is the place to be when they put ten Victorian brewers against each other in an effort to find the state’s best lager tomorrow. 

Proving it’s not always all about the beer, Rocks is turning its Alexandria brewery into a big doggy playground and marketplace so you can bring your four legged friend, enjoy a beer that raises money to help rescue dogs and drop a few spent grain snacks on the ground for them to gobble up. 

And, looking ahead, tickets are now on sale for the sixth South West Craft Beer Festival in Busselton, where the organisers have more local brewing companies than ever before to showcase.

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