Throw A Foo Town Down

January 24, 2018, by Crafty Pint

Throw A Foo Town Down

Newtown brewery Young Henrys is no stranger to the rock 'n' roll collaboration. But, as someone commented to us the other day, they may have reach peak collab with their latest: a beer brewed for the Foo Fighters 2018 Australian tour that's launched today (Jan 24).

Foo Town is a "quintessential Aussie lager", according to brewery co-founder Richard Adamson, speaking to The Crafty Pint en route to its launch at Foo Fighters Hotel – Surry Hills' Hollywood Hotel renamed for the next few days until the band's Sydney show. 

It's a collaboration that came about through their mate, Andy Kent of You Am I and Love Police, and was pulled together in next to no time.

"When Dave Grohl was out here doing the cover band gig [Chevy Metal with Taylor Hawkins], he was in Newtown and had a few Newtowners," says Richard of the beer's genesis. "And our mates DZ Death Rays are supporting them."

He adds: "It was down to the wire. Everyone worked their arses off to make it happen. Nate [Mendel] from the band was running point for us getting approvals from the band."

The result is an easy-drinking Aussie lager with a sprinkling of American Azacca hops that's pouring at the official Sydney and Melbourne venues (Cherry Bar becomes Fooie Bar from January 27 to 30) and will also be sold in eye-catching cans through bottleshops and the brewery website

Young Henrys co-founder Oscar McMahon says: "Getting a call to say the Foo Fighters want to brew a beer with Young Henrys was huge for us. We're also stoked for our mates DZ Deathrays, who are joining them on tour again. 

"It's thanks to working with local legends like them that we've got the opportunity to brew a beer with one of the world's best known rock bands."

It follows a long line of musical collaborations for the Newtowners, one that's taken in beers with the likes of You Am I, Dune Rats, Front End Loader, Frenzal Rhomb and PVT plus supporting and sponsoring countless gigs and festivals, including the Reclink Community Cup. So is there anywhere left to go for the band when it comes to rock 'n' roll hookups?

"We've ticked off our favourites," says Richard, although we're sure they'll still be back for more.

Foo Fighters Hotel is at 2 Foster Street, Surry Hills, until January 27. Fooie Hotel is at Cherry Bar, ACDC Lane, Melbourne from January 27 to 30.

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