Who Brews At Deepwater?

April 9, 2018, by Will Ziebell

Who Brews At Deepwater?

Our Who Brews...? series usually focuses on new or recently opened brewing companies. But, for many people in the local beer world, there will be a sense of familiarity about the latest entry.

Deepwater launched in 2016 and started ramping up production in 2017, but one of the main people involved has played a role in driving craft beer in both Brisbane and the west of Melbourne dating back to 2010. It was then that Isaac Zietek was involved in establishing Archive – one of the former's earliest craft beer focused venues, still going strong in the city's West End – then repeating the feat in the unlikely location of Werribee. There, he was part of a team that turned an old pub into The Park, a venue with so many beers across so many taps and in bottles and cans it started to attract people from Melbourne. 

When he and his wife Renee wanted a tree change, they looked to the town Renee's family called home and where Renee's dad, Marshall Wiles, was already busy brewing.

He was brewing single kegs of Deepwater Brewing beers and selling them through local pubs and, when Isaac and Renee made it to Deepwater, the pair decided to get more serious. The brewery was expanded in 2017 and Marshall's beers began appearing further afield. The next stage is a cellar door due to open during winter 2018. But, first, the Deepwater Who Brews?

Marshall and Isaac of Deepwater Brewing in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales.

Why do you brew? 

Obviously, we love beer, but wanted to combine our love of beer with our love for the region. 

What beers have you released to date? 

There's been quite a few:

  • Longtime Pale Lager 
  • Nevermind Summer Ale (our midstrength) 
  • High Noon Pale Ale 
  • IP-Yay India Pale Ale 
  • Bloodline India Red Lager 
  • Sublime Double English IPA 
  • Hoptonaut Double West Coast IPA 
  • Deliverance Imperial Stout 
  • Notorious Brown Ale 
  • Doppel Kolsch

Of those, what’s your personal favourite? 

Isaac: Bloodline.
Marshall: Sublime.

What’s the inspiration behind the brewery name? 

It’s pretty simple really, we took the name of where we brew to help showcase it.

Deepwater's Bloodline India Red Lager catching some rays.

Was there a beer or a moment that set you on the path to becoming a brewer? 

Isaac: There were definitely some beers, most notably Stone Arrogant Bastard and Founders Breakfast Stout. Plus, Epic’s Hop Zombie.

Marshall had been homebrewing for ages and it had always been part of the plan at The Park Hotel to start making beer commercially anyway. It never quite worked out, though, and, when we moved up here for the tree change, I was really keen to get my hands dirty brewing.

What beers are in your fridge right now? 

Epic DDH Dust, Epic Armageddon and Balter IIPA. 

What would be your desert island beer? 

Isaac: Jester King Black Metal Farmhouse Imperial Stout.
Marshall: Southern Tier Unearthly.

If your brewery was a band, who would it be? 

Pink Floyd. I've been listening to Shine On You Crazy Diamond a bit recently; we'd love our brewery to last for some time but hopefully none of us go mad in the meantime.

Where do you hope your brewery will be ten years from now? 

Right where we are, continuing to produce a diverse range of delicious beer styles.

Where can people find your beers? 

Once it's open, at the cellar door and brewery will be the best spot. But we're also available in Glen Innes, Tenterfield, Armidale, Tamworth, Inverell, Glencoe and Brisbane.

You can keep up to date with all the Deepwater via the brewery's website and Facebook. Or visit them at 52 Wellington Vale Road, Deepwater, NSW 2371.

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