It's Still In Your Hands

July 9, 2020, by Crafty Pint

It's Still In Your Hands

A few weeks ago, as Victorian venues started to reopen for the first time and restrictions were eased elsewhere, we discussed how best to make use of the SUPPORT MY LOCAL section of the #keepinglocalalive campaign. After all, with businesses returning to some sort of normal, the best way to support your local was to head to your local.

So, we focused on updating and adding to The Crafty Pint app instead, figuring the best way we could help people support local wherever they were was to ensure it featured as many good beer businesses across Australia as possible. 

At the same time, we left the database we'd created in March showing how breweries and venues were adapting – home deliveries, takeaways, launching new merch etc – on the campaign homepage just in case. Hoping, of course, there wouldn't be a need for "just in case".

Now that the whole of Melbourne and Mitchell Shire are in lockdown for six weeks, that "just in case" has sadly come to pass. So, if you run a brewery, bar or pub that's been hit by this week's announcement and are switching your mode of operation once more, please let us know.

You can shoot an email to with details of how people can still support you through this new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Send us a photo and we can look to share that on socials too.

If you're not in an impacted area but run a brewery, bar, pub or bottleshop with craft beer at its heart and you're not yet featured in the free Crafty app, please let us know via email too so we can remedy the situation.

Best of luck to everyone back in lockdown from today. Here's to #keepinglocalalive: the future of local beer – it's still in your hands.

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