Crafty Cabal Update – October 2020

October 16, 2020, by Crafty Pint

Crafty Cabal Update – October 2020

It's time for the monthly update with all the latest from our beer club, The Crafty Cabal. And it's the last one before we unveil its new look too. We've been having so much fun with this, but don't want to say too much now. Let's just say, keep an eye on socials from early November – or join us for our online event with Rocky Ridge this Saturday (October 17) as we might drop a tease or two there...

As for the here and now, we hope those of you who have been able to make it to your favourite beer spots – or even beer festivals if you're lucky enough to be in WA – have been enjoying them. Hopefully, those of you in Melbourne will be free to do so soon enough with numbers looking good and Dan Andrews MP even talking about having "a slab or two" at today's COVID-19 presser.

Before we get stuck into what lies head, congrats to the winners from our Capital XPA giveaway, Gavin Wade, Max Drakeley, Megan Todd and Tobie Chapman. And also to the winners of the cases of Pirate Life South Coast, who will have received emails this morning; they are Alex McLean, Alex Kedzior, Brian Castledine and Victoria Bonotto.

So, what's new?


Our second Virtua-Cabal online event is on this Saturday (October 17) and features WA's Rocky Ridge.

The brewery is one that's quickly attracted a lot of fans out west and, if you're keen to find out more about the team, now's your chance. 

We're beaming in brewery founder Hamish Coates, our man out west, Guy Southern from Goodtimes Craft Beer, and Blake from deVine Cellars at 3pm AWST / 6pm AEDT.

Hopefully, all who ordered the Rocky Ridge beers have them safely inside your fridges and, while it may be too late to order them in time now, Cabalistas can still join the show. You can find the link via the event listing in your member's area. There will be an additional bonus from the RR crew announced during the show too.


We've already locked in volume three in our Virtua-Cabal series and, if you're a hophead, you won't want to miss out.

The team at Hop Products Australia – the grower of Galaxy, Enigma, Vic Secret and more – will be joining us along with Dave Padden, founder of the recently-rebranded Akasha and a man who loves using hops in beer as much anyone out there.

In the coming days, we'll bring you more info so keep an eye on socials and your member's area. What we can tell you is that Akasha are putting together some special members-only packs, which will give Cabalistas a chance to get their hands on [REDACTED] early then chat all about it with our guest gurus from HPA.

MOOSic to your ears


We've launched our latest beer ballot too and it's all about the rock solid IPA from Moo Brew

For years the brewery said they wouldn't brew an IPA. Then they did. Then they added it to their core range (and followed up with an IIPA for good measure).

If you'd like to have a case of their forbidden IPA in your hands, we've got some to giveaway to Cabal members. Just make sure you enter the ballot before November 11 when we'll pick winners. By that stage, we'll have more ballots up and running, including some limited release mixed packs; details on those as soon as we're free to talk about them!

We've just added a new deal saving members 20 percent off merch and goodies from Gage Roads and have more coming soon, with Sailors Grave next in line, as we close in on 200 deals at venues across the country and, increasingly, online.

Next month's relaunch will feature a week of unique giveaways and, once Cabal Mk II is out there (it's pretty out there...) for the world to see, it means we'll have to spend less time working on that and more time for lining up deals, events and giveaways.

We also credited another month's free membership for everyone in Victoria; it looks like we might have to add a seventh given the way things are going, but hopefully venues in Melbourne and surrounds will be open for business sooner rather than later.

As an aside, if you fancy joining the country's indie brewers and their supporters for this year's virtual Indies awards, it's on November 19. It's being streamed from a studio in Richmond with parties and trophy presentations being beamed in from around the country. Crafty founder James Smith will be hosting alongside Karl van Buuren from Moon Dog.


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