Moo Brew To Open A New Hobart Brewpub

July 21, 2022, by Will Ziebell

Moo Brew To Open A New Hobart Brewpub

Tasmania’s longest-established independent brewery is set to have a new home. Moo Brew have today announced plans to establish a taproom and brewery called Manky Sally's in Salamanca.

General manager Lauren Sheppard told The Crafty Pint that finding the ideal location and space in the Hobart hotspot spurred their decision to open the new haunt, one she hopes will be open by the year's end.

“It’s rare that pubs or venues that are appropriate come up,” Lauren says, adding that the space previously housed a shop that hasn't been open for a couple of years.

“We were just starting to have a search around for the right place and this one popped up. We realised we’d be crazy not to take the opportunity.”

The venue's proximity to the Brooke Street Pier, which is home to the Mona Roma ferry terminals (pictured above), makes it the perfect spot for people returning to Hobart after a day at Mona, the owner of Moo Brew.

“We hope our captured Mona audience will be able to extend the day a little bit when they get back into town,” Lauren says.

For now they’re keeping details of how the pub will look and feel to themselves, but the Salamanca venue will showcase the strong connection between Moo and Mona.

“I don’t think Moo Brew does anything particularly typical and it won’t be a typical taphouse,” Lauren says. “The Mona influence will be there for sure.”


Lauren, with Moo's head brewer Jack Viney.


As such, the new home will reinforce that close bond with Mona, its eccentricities and those of founder David Walsh.

“Mona is always going to be home,” Lauren says. “It’s where we were born, I guess it’s where our dad lives and where our beers will always be poured. So we definitely don’t want to dilute or diminish what we have there. But we just feel like there’s room for us to expand that offering.

“The beer is one part of a very large and multifaceted experience at Mona, whereas [at the new venue] the beer will be our primary focus and other layers of Mona will support it.”

The venue will also include a small brewhouse – current plans are for that to be around 300 litres in size. She says the desire to have a smaller system was a big part of what motivated them to find a new home, given their brewery in Hobart’s northern suburb of Bridgewater is geared towards production and scale.

“We already have a substantial brewery – we could go to two million litres a year out of the brewhouse we have,” Lauren says. “But what we haven’t had is the creativity and functionality of being able to brew smaller and riskier brews that don’t involve a 3,000-litre minimum toss of a coin.” 

UPDATE (25/10): The new venue is due to open in December. It will be called Manky Sally's and is being fitted out with decor and fittings foraged from Mona’s four warehouses. There will be 14 taps pouring Moo beers, as well as wines, spirits and cocktails. Dinner will be on offer seven days a week, with lunch served Friday to Sunday.

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