Capital Become A B Corp Business

September 5, 2022, by Will Ziebell
Capital Become A B Corp Business

Capital Brewing have today announced they've secured B Corp certification, making them just the third Australian brewing company to achieve that status alongside 4 Pines and Stone & Wood. The internationally-recognised certification is awarded by the not-for-profit B Lab and requires businesses to meet high standards when it comes to their social and environmental actions as well as their transparency. 

The announcement is the culmination of a two-year journey for the indie brewer, with co-founder Laurence Kain saying it's something they've been working towards since the their earliest days.

“It’s a little bit surreal, honestly, because it’s something we’ve wanted to do since we started,” he told The Crafty Pint.

"The interesting thing was we didn't have to change too much in our business, so we were pretty happy with that."

Laurence (left), with Capital's head of sustainability, Dan Watters, and business co-founder Tom Hertel. 


The accreditation comes just six months after Capital became the first certified carbon neutral brewery under the Federal Government’s Climate Active certification program, which you can read about here. B Corp status goes beyond sustainability initiatives, however: Capital's assessment saw them commit to making the business for purpose rather than just for profit. 

Laurence says the increased focus on their own environmental credentials has had an impact on their staff throughout the business. 

“[Environmental performance] flows through to staff experience too," he says. "Because when staff see you're spending time and money on environmental performance, it really boosts their engagement because they see how much effort and investment you’re putting into it.”

For breweries considering going down the B Corp pathway, Laurence believe the benefits go well beyond the certification and can really help improve a business overall. 

“Everyone talks about skills shortages and retention problems, but we just haven't been facing that," he says. "We’ve been attracting and retaining really great people, which has probably been the big benefit of having a slightly different focus compared to just focusing on profit and money.     

“It creates a great space for people to enjoy working in and, long-term, if you don’t have great people, you don’t have great beer or great customer service.”

You can read more about Capital's journey to B Corp status in this article

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