Hottest 100 Beers Of 2011

January 26, 2012, by Crafty Pint
Hottest 100 Beers Of 2011

Congratulations Stone & Wood on adding this year’s Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers title to the Critic’s Choice award they picked up last year. Is there no stopping the Pacific Ale juggernaut? And why would anyone want to? The Byron Bay brewed cracker won by a huge margin, picking up 11.5 per cent of total votes; one in eight of all voters included the beer in their top five. As a result, there was a big gap between first and second, then a pretty tight spread covering two to ten.

The Pacific Ale (whose creator Brad Rogers is pictured above enjoying a Pacific straight from the tank) headed up an impressive top ten in The Local Taphouse’s latest running of the poll, with old favourite Little Creatures Pale maintaining its strong showing and serial trophy winner, Feral’s Hop Hog, completing the top three. The success of Creatures Big Dipper should encourage the Freo brewer to keep pumping out Single Batches, while it was a pretty hop heavy top ten, with the guys at Kooinda once again punching well above their weight; where last year their Pale secured a surprise fifth, here their Full Nelson Black IPA – a truly uncompromising beer – hit the number eight spot, just behind last year’s number one, Vale Ale.

Kooinda’s wasn’t the only Black IPA to hit the list, with the Thorny Goat rating highly and Feral’s Karma Citra and Murray’s Shawn’s Fault also making an appearance, alongside plenty of IPAs, IIPAs and Goat’s Seedy Goat coffee IPA. Several breweries or brewing companies made three or more appearances – Bridge Road, 4 Pines, Mountain Goat, Vale, Murray’s, Little Creatures, Moo Brew, Hawthorn, Kooinda, Holgate, Mornington Peninsula Brewery and The Grove.

There were also first appearances for newcomers including Moon Dog, Four Hearts, Thirsty Crow, Pinchgut, Two Birds and Yowie Lager. Thousands of votes were cast (we don’t have the final figures from The Local Taphouse yet) for around 850 beers; hopefully much discussion and tasting of Aussie craft beers was encouraged by the poll too. Anyway, enough prattling on – here’s the full list:

Thanks to Andrew Mitchell for putting the poll together, The Local Taphouse crew for conceiving the idea and running with it the past few years, and Brews News for helping publicise this year’s poll and making it the biggest yet.

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