Mountain Culture Status Quo Wins GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of 2023

January 27, 2024, by James Smith
Mountain Culture Status Quo Wins GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of 2023

The polling is long closed, the votes counted, and of the 1,877 beers to receive votes from the 400-plus breweries that entered the GABS Hottest 100 of 2023, Mountain Culture Status Quo Pale Ale has landed in top spot for a second year running.

The Blue Mountains-based brewing company debuted in top spot with the same beer in 2022, and have landed their sequel. They ended up with four beers in total in the Hottest 100.

Completing the top three are Balter XPA and BentSpoke's Crankshaft, both of them past winners. As for the fortunes of other past winners, Stone & Wood's Pacific Ale dropped four places to eight, Little Creatures Pale Ale is back up nine places to 13 after at one point dropping into the 60s, with Feral's Hop Hog and Vale Ale no longer appearing in the top 100.

Once again, the poll received a record number of votes, with 28 of the top 100 beers either new or returning entries. The highest ranked new entry* and the biggest climber is Moffat Beach’s Passenger Pale Ale, up 295 to 25 as the Sunshine Coast brewery made their first appearances in the Hottest 100.


The best-performing breweries were Balter and Coopers – both with five beers in the top 100; Capital and Mountain Culture each landed four in the 2023 list. Bridge Road Brewers' flagship Beechworth Pale Ale maintains its run as the only indie beer to appear in every poll since it started in 2008, back into the top five.

Meanwhile, New South Wales again pipped Queensland with the most beers in the Hottest 100: 27, the same as last year. The Sunshine Coast claims local bragging rights in Queensland too, with 11 beers from six breweries to seven from two on the Gold Coast, and six from four in Brisbane.

GABS managing director Mike Bray described the number of breweries and beers to receive votes as “fantastic”, telling The Crafty Pint: “The campaigning was really creative and fun – that was the key thing.

“Breweries didn’t have to have big budgets: you could go and buy a costume at a local costume store and just do something on a phone and have a bit of fun.

“What is certainly coming through is those younger, trending breweries, the likes of Range and One Drop – breweries that have just nudged into the poll over the years – are going deeper and deeper, and that’s fantastic to see.

“There are 63 breweries in the list – it’s far and wide and indicative of where the market is. And there are 28 beers rotating in the list, so around a third rotating, which is really good, so all in all we’re pretty happy.”

You can read The Crafty Pint’s analysis of this year’s top 100 here and keep an eye out for more results – including the next 100 and top 100 new and indie beers – to be revealed by the GABS team here.

The Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers

The great survivor: Bridge Road Brewers' Beechworth Pale Ale has appeared in every Hottest 100 poll since it started in 2008.


1. Mountain Culture Status Quo Pale – NSW

2. Balter Brewing XPA – QLD

3. BentSpoke Brewing Crankshaft IPA – ACT

4. Your Mates Brewing Larry – QLD

5. Bridge Road Brewers Beechworth Pale Ale - VIC

6. Gage Roads Single Fin – WA 

7. Coopers Brewery Original Pale Ale – SA

8. Stone & Wood Brewing Pacific Ale – NSW 

9. Young Henrys Newtowner – NSW

10. Pirate Life South Coast Pale – SA

11. Philter Brewing XPA – NSW

12. Black Hops Brewing G.O.A.T. – QLD  

13. Little Creatures Pale Ale – VIC/WA

14. Beerfarm Royal Haze – WA

15. Capital Brewing Coast Ale – ACT

16. Range Brewing Disco – QLD

17. 4 Pines Brewing Pacific Ale – NSW

18. 10 Toes Brewery Pipeline – QLD

19. Grifter Brewing Pale – NSW

20. Rocky Ridge Brewing Jindong Juicy – WA

21. Coopers Brewery Sparkling Ale – SA

22. Mountain Culture Cult IPA – NSW

23. Balter Brewing Eazy Hazy – QLD

24. Stomping Ground Gipps St Pale – VIC

25. Moffat Beach Brewing Passenger Pale Ale – QLD

26.Mountain Goat GOAT – VIC

27. Better Beer Zero Carb – NSW

28. Blackflag Brewing Rage Juicy Pale – QLD

29. Heads of Noosa Japanese Style Lager – QLD

30. Blackman's Brewery Juicy Banger – VIC

31. Green Beacon Wayfarer – QLD

32. Heaps Normal Quiet XPA – ACT

33. KAIJU! Krush! – VIC

34. CBCo Brewing Pale Ale – VIC/WA

35. Matso's Mango Beer – WA

36. Feral Brewing Biggie Juice – WA

37. Hawkers Beer West Coast IPA – VIC

38. Bright Brewery Alpine Lager – VIC

39, Brick Lane Brewing One Love Pale – VIC

40. One Drop We Jammin' – NSW

41. Mountain Culture Be Kind Rewind – NSW

42. Balter Brewing Hazy – QLD

43. BentSpoke Brewing Barley Griffin – ACT

44. Capital Brewing Capital XPA – ACT

45. Balter Brewing Cerveza – QLD

46. Mountain Culture Summer Pale Ale – NSW

47. James Squire One Fifty Lashes – NSW

48. Your Mates Brewing Co Sally – QLD

49. Gage Roads Brewing Side Track All Day XPA – WA

50. Little Bang Brewing Sun Bear – SA

51. Hop Nation Rattenhund – VIC

52. Hiker Brewing Cloudscapes – QLD

53. Bodriggy Brewing Speccy Juice – VIC

54. Akasha Brewing Super Chill Pacific Ale – NSW

55. Hop Nation J-Juice – VIC

56. Range Brewing Lights + Music – QLD

57. Seeker Brewing Mystic NEIPA – NSW

58. Heads of Noosa Black Japanese Lager – QLD

59. White Rabbit Dark Ale – VIC

60. Bridge Road Brewers Bling IPA – VIC

61. Coopers Brewery Australian Lager – SA

62. Dainton Beer Blood Orange NEIPA – VIC

63. Grifter Brewing Serpents Kiss – NSW

64. Moon Dog Old Mate – VIC

65. Hawke's Brewing Patio Pale – NSW

66. Shout Brewing Mullet Pale Ale – NSW

67. Modus Modus Cerveza – NSW

68. Deeds Brewing Juice Train – VIC

69. Coopers Brewery XPA – SA

70. Kosciuszko Brewing Kosciuszko – NSW

71. Black Hops East Coast Haze – QLD

72. Balter Brewing Captain Sensible – QLD

73. 4 Pines Brewing Japanese Lager – QLD

74. Stone & Wood Brewing Hinterland Hazy Pale – NSW

75. BentSpoke Brewing Sprocket – ACT

76. Capital Brewing Hang Loose Juice – ACT

77. Little Creatures Rogers – WA

78. Sunday Road Brewing Cryotherapy – NSW

79. Rocky Ridge Brewing Rock Candy – WA

80. Margaret River Beer Co In The Pines – WA

81. Big Shed Brewing Boozy Fruit – SA

82. Blackflag Brewing Affinity Tropical Pale – QLD

83. Lord Nelson Brewery Three Sheets – NSW

84. Brouhaha Brewery Strawberry Rhubarb Sour – QLD

85. Helios Brewing Co Dionysus Oat Cream DIPA – QLD

86. Banks Brewing Cake Eater – VIC

87. Coopers Brewery Best Extra Stout – SA

88. 4 Pines Brewing Hazy Pale Ale – NSW

89. Fixation Brewing IPA – VIC

90. Little Creatures Little Hazy Lager – VIC/WA

91. Bad Shepherd Brewing Peanut Butter Porter – VIC

92. CBCo Brewing IPA – VIC/WA

93. Yulli's Brews Amanda Mandarin IPA – NSW

94. Stone & Wood Cloud Catcher – NSW

95. Moffat Beach Brewing Moff's Summer Ale – QLD

96. Capital Brewing Trail Pale Ale – ACT

97. Young Henrys Hazy Pale Ale – NSW

98. Wolf of the Willows Wolf PUP – VIC

99. Range Brewing Dripping In Green – Citra – QLD

100. Your Mates Brewing Co Macca – QLD

Read The Crafty Pint's analysis of the 2023 poll here. You can download the H100 poster here.

* The team at Balter has been in touch to point out their Cerveza (45th) is the highest new entry for a beer first released in 2023. At The Crafty Pint, for the purposes of our analysis, we've always measured new as "new to the Hottest 100", which is true for Moffat Beach's Passenger Pale. However, the beer has appeared in the poll – outside the top 100 – in the past.

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