BoozeBud Bought By Hairydog

May 30, 2023, by Will Ziebell

BoozeBud Bought By Hairydog

BoozeBud has been bought by fellow online alcohol retailers Hairydog Group, following the former going into voluntary administration at the start of this month. Hairydog's head of e-commerce, Ryan Agar, said in a media statement that the acquisition presents an opportunity to maximise the potential of both businesses by bringing together BoozeBud's e-commerce infrastructure with Hairydog's team.

"Through this acquisition, we're not just expanding our business footprint, we're strategically aligning the strengths of BoozeBud's advanced e-commerce capabilities with Hairydog's proven retail expertise," Ryan said in the statement.

Hairydog is an Australian-owned business that launched during the early days of the COVID pandemic as a means to offer hospitality businesses the chance to sell their stock. Today it offers same-day delivery in both Melbourne and Sydney and ships alcohol across the country. 


Ryan told The Crafty Pint that while Hairydog and BoozeBud coming together boost the group's position as an online liquor retailer, each site will continue operating as distinct stores. 

"The two sites will operate individually with two different ranges, but the same group ethos of better drinks, better experiences," Ryan says. "[With] Hairydog focusing on rare and hard-to-find spirits as well as premium wine. BoozeBud will continue down the same path of being the one-stop-shop for all your liquor needs."

BoozeBud launched in 2014 as BeerBud with a focus on craft beer before widening its scope to include mainstream beer, wine and spirits. In 2018, the business was bought by AB InBev, with BoozeBud's founders, Alex Gale, Andy Williamson and Mark Woollcott, buying it back in 2020 following AB InBev's decision to sell CUB to Asahi and exit the Australian beer market.

Hairydog bought Boozebud from Michael Brereton and Sean Wengel, of William Buck, who were appointed administrators of Pocko Pty (BoozeBud's company name) on May 2. In a statement, Hairydog Group said it is not liable for any debts that might be owed by Pocko and enquiries related to any previous dealing would need to be directed to the Administrators.

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