Calling All Reps For The Pint of Origin Konvoy Kegfluencer Kompetition!

April 5, 2024, by James Smith

Calling All Reps For The Pint of Origin Konvoy Kegfluencer Kompetition!

Pint of Origin 2024 is just weeks away now, and is set to be bigger and better than ever. To make it easier for beer lovers to make their way around venues with their #PoO24 Passports, we've split the 21 venues into five mini-PoO Crawls – each with a prizes up for grabs for anyone that completes a set.

Before the festival kicks off on May 10, The Crafty Pint has teamed up with Konvoy for the Konvoy Kegfluencer Kompetition to showcase the fun that awaits attendees.

We're inviting five Melbourne-based brewery reps who fancy themselves as a bit of a whizz with a camera to film themselves as they visit the venues making up one of the Crawls (see below), putting together a short reel as they go. We'll share the results in the lead-up to the festival, with the best winning a pallet of Konvoy kegs for their brewery.

It's a chance to celebrate their role in beer, the Pint of Origin venues that support craft brewers all year round, and the city in which they work. Reps can work for any Australian brewery, not just those based in Victoria – they just need to work within Melbourne.

The five reps selected for the challenge will each be equipped with a Konvoy Cloud tracker so we can plot their routes between venues and thus show beer lovers where to head between May 10 and 19, and how they can gain entry into the multiple #PoO Passport Prize Draws we're creating for the 2024 festival.

If you or one of your reps is up for the challenge, all they need to do is fill in the form below before April 10. We'll then select the five best entries, allocate each one of the five routes by April 12, get a tracker into their hands and await their reels, ready to be rolled out on socials ahead of Pint of Origin.

The reel judged the best will win that rep's brewery a pallet of kegs – and the glory of becoming the inaugural Konvoy Kegfluencer!

So we can send the tracker to you

We'll assign one of the mini-Pint of Origin 2024 Crawls to the five successful applicants

This will allow us to show the routes taken when we run an article ahead of the festival

The #PoO24 Crawls


As in previous Pint of Origins, the best way to enjoy the festival will be with a digital #PoO24 Passport. You'll be able to sign up for these later this month.

Once you've got yours, you'll be able to access bonus beers and also enter prize draws as you go. Whereas in past years, the prizes have been drawn for those who make it to every venue, this time around we've created five smaller PoO Crawls, each of which has its own prize pool. Those who make it to all 21 gain entry to each of these plus the main prize draw.

The five mini-Crawls are as follows:

  • WEST: Mr West, Benchwarmer, Westside Ale Works, The Lincoln
  • NORTH: Miss Moses, The Woodlands Hotel, Carwyn Cellars, CoConspirators Brewpub
  • INNER NORTH: Beermash, The Terminus Fitzroy North, Bonny, Near & Far, The Park Abbotsford*
  • CENTRAL: Whitehart, Heartbreaker, Whisky & Alement, The Catfish
  • SOUTH & EAST: Windsor Alehouse, Freddie Wimpoles, The Cherry Tree, The Royston

* The Inner North Crawl has one more than the others as we figured this is the easiest one to complete.

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