Brew & A: The Monk Brewery & Kitchen

April 17, 2014, by Crafty Pint
Brew & A: The Monk Brewery & Kitchen

It’s been a while since we last ran one of our Brew & A features with an Australian brewery. But, with so many new breweries opening and so many people moving around the country, we decided it was high time we brought it back.

Among the recent brewer moves around the country were a couple that saw The Monk’s Paul Wyman head to Colonial Brewery and Craig Eulenstein move from his position at Mountain Goat back to his home state of WA. His new role at The Monk in Fremantle is his first head brewer’s position and he has a couple of new beers on the horizon: an American XPA coming out shortly along with some bourbon aged Belgian Dark Ale.

We will have those listed on the site as soon as they are tapped, but in the meantime here’s what makes the man behind Goat’s The Craig tick.

Favourite Australian beer (other than your own)?
That'€™s a very tough question! My answer is different from a few months ago and will change again in another few months, buuuuut I would find it very hard not to choose a fresh Beechworth Pale from Bridge Road Brewers.

Epiphany beer –€“ the one that set you on the road to becoming a brewer?
Like so many others, Creatures Pale.

Desert island beer –€“ the one to keep you going if you were stranded for the rest of your days?
Simply because it is a "€œdesert"€ island and not a "€œtropical"€ or "€œcold", I guess I'€™d take Mountain Goat Steam Ale or something similar, maybe a Feral Sly Fox.

Favourite beer and food match?
I would have to go with any beer and pulled pork sliders!

What are we likely to hear cranking from the stereo on brew days?
Seasick Steve or The Black Keys – no hesitation whatsoever.

Favourite place to enjoy a drink?
The Fitzroy Pinnacle, Fitzroy North, Victoria. But now I'€™m on the West Coast so a mixed sixer and sunset at South Beach, Freo!

If you were a beer style, what would you be?
An American Pale, not too boozy, sessionable and fun, a little bitter sometimes and a little fruity too.

The best thing you'€™ve ever traded for beer?

A room in a share house, the beer got me over the line in the interview!

When I'€™m not making or drinking beer, you"€™ll find me...
Sitting on the beach.

Your hope for beer in Australia?
More cool, slick, craft beer venues in Freo, not just in Melbourne!!!

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