From Belgium With Love: The International Beer Collectors

It started with a British take on an Abbey ale, took in the farms, breweries and bars of Belgium, and ended up with some of the finest Belgian beers entering Australia via Newcastle. Meet the International Beer Collector.

Beer Travel: Another Belgium

Belgian beer culture is deservedly held in the highest regard by beer lovers the world over. Many of its classic breweries are household names, but what of the younger, newer wave? Bert Spinks goes searching for another Belgium.

Our Man In: Belgium Pt 3

As he prepares to wing his way back to Australia, Boatrocker’s Matt Houghton delivers the third part of the trilogy of tales detailing his exploits in Belgium. We assume it’s a trilogy that won’t…

Our Man In: Belgium Pt 2

Wasting no time at all on his trip through Belgium, Boatrocker Brewing founder Matt Houghton continues to delve into the country’s beer history. So we’ll waste no time either and let him tell you that…

Our Man In: Belgium Pt 1

Imbued with the confidence of a man whose latest beer has just picked up the only gold medal for packaged lagers at the Australian International Beer Awards and who was one of the small band of beer lovers…