Dangerous Ales Crispy Boi Lager

Hoppy Lager

AIBA 2023 – Gold

Those of you who've been drinking craft beer for a while will recall Knappstein Reserve Lager. It was something of an oddity in Lion's lineup, the only beer brewed in an historic building in the Clare Valley and deleted in 2017. It was more than an oddity, however: it was one of the first Aussie beers to showcase Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand when they were starting to make waves, and one of the best beers, IMO, to come out of any Lion-associated brewery.

I mention it here as when I was enjoying my first Crispy Boi on the deck at Dangerous Ales' home, my instant reaction was: "Ah, a beer inspired by Knappstein. How good!"

Only when I mentioned this to brewer Damo, he looked bemused.

"What's Knappstein?"

It turns out he'd just spent a few years trying to perfect the sort of lager he wanted to drink, and this is where he ended up. He'd never heard or or had a Knappstein...

Crispy Boi might be crystal clear and finish dry and crisply carbonated, but it packs plenty of that distinct Nelson Sauvin fruit character: gooseberries, soft lime and a little melon, all carried by what appears to be a wave of hop oils.

For those missing Knappstein, you have a solution. For anyone who wants a refreshing lager packing flavour aplenty, you do too.

James Smith

Dangerous Ales

74 Princes Highway
NSW 2538

0467 544 528
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Wed & Thurs: 3.30pm to 10pm
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