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Red Duck Jupiter

Red Duck Brewery

Released June 11th, 2013

WE have a sneaky suspicion that Ballarat brewery Red Duck is after setting some kind of record this year by attempting to release the most beers commercially in one year in Australia. They'll have a challenge on their hands given the number pumped out by Queensland's Bacchus on their multi-brewhouse setup. But if you keep it confined to bottle releases, surely Red Duck has it hands down. The Jupiter is one of the more esoteric releases from Red Duck, even by their standards. It's a strong porter that's had juniper berries and Port added before being aged in a former Port Ex-port barrel for six months. We're told it possesses "amazing liqueur like characters" is "dark, oaky, vinous, silky, rich, porty, smooth as silk and very lightly carbonated." Seems someone likes their adjectives as much as adding unusual ingredients to beer...

Barrel-aged Porter

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Red Duck Brewery

11a Michaels Drive

(03) 5332 0723
Open Hours

Mon to Fri: 10am to 4pm
Sat & Sun: midday to 5pm

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