Red Duck Forsaken & Igor

Red Duck Brewery

Released July 1, 2014

You have to wonder how much longer it will be before Red Duck has exhausted every ingredient on the planet for its range of beers. Among the latest of its latest seriously limited releases is a Japanese Red Sake Ale. Called Forsaken, the 6.3% beer was Red Duck's entry for this year's Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular and is described as a "sessionable dark red ale", one that features (deep breath): black rice, red rice, white rice, oats, malted barley, roasted wattle seeds, Nori seaweed and sake yeast. It's joined on the Red Duck roster by a big, dark beast of a beer. Having released a whole bunch of porters in the past - chocolate ones, coffee ones, Belgian vanilla ones, barrel-aged ones and more - this one combines many of those elements and is also by far the biggest. Igor, The Humpbacked Porter, tips the scales at 10 percent is described by brewer, Scott Wilson-Browne, as a "big, dark, complex, lush, strong dark ale". It's one to which he added Muscovado sugar, Panela sugar, dark brown sugar, molasses, coffee and chocolate. It's a single hop ale too, using Sticklebract and, according to Scott: "Everything about Igor is intense..."

Rice Ale & Imperial Porter

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