Homestead Brewery New Zealand Session Ale

Homestead Brewery

Released April 19, 2019

The second new release from Homestead in a fortnight is their New Zealand Session Ale. Brewer Justin Bishop was looking to create a session ale packed with plenty of flavour to accompany their existing mid-strength Golden Eagle Australian Ale on tap.

In doing so, Imperial's Citrus yeast was used with a combination of New Zealand hops known for their citrus characters to give the beer a hefty orange/lemon kick. The Motueka, Wakatu and Kohatu hops and aforementioned yeast go to work together to create aromas of lemon peel, ripe melon and oranges, then flavours of lemon, vanilla, passionfruit and candied oranges. There's minimal bitterness and a light pale malt profile designed to let the citrus shine.

A zippy carbonation leads into a dry finish with some slight funky characters thanks to the wild saccharomyces strain of yeast. Imagine drinking a lemon meringue pie and you're on the right track.

Mike Cridge

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