Homestead Brewery Vanilla Porter

Homestead Brewery

Released June 6, 2019

Homestead Brewery have launched into winter 2019 with a Vanilla Porter that's hit the taps at their Swan Valley home just as the cooler weather sets in. It is a pleasant time of the year as the mercury drops, the fireplaces are lit, and the malts in the brewer's hands turn steadily darker. Here, head brewer Justin Bishop decided to take the traditional porter and jazz it up a little with the addition of vanilla.

Smooth, velvety and creamy are words that come to mind as you sip your way through the glass. The dark malts add some dusty cocoa and roasted nut characters while the vanilla makes for a slightly sweet aftertaste. The's vanilla aromatics pair well with the full-bodied, smooth chocolate porter making for a delicious and easy-drinking winter offering.

Mike Cridge

Vanilla Porter
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