Homestead Brewery Sunset Dream

Homestead Brewery

Released December 18, 2020

As the expansive lawns at Homestead fill this summer, drinkers at the multi-disciplined Swan Valley location are very likely to be slaking the hot days with an increasing range of kettle sours, of which Sunset Dream is the debutant. That said, those expecting a breezy and tart experience a may be in for a surprise – the "Hoppy Sour" tag is apt. As they say, always read the label.

Sitting in territory akin to a fruited session IPA, Sunset Dream lays on the bitterness early and, while it’s not overt, its presence in addition to what many will be expecting initially feels rather forward, before things settle into a more familiar passionfruit vibe. Acidity plays a supporting role, much like that in fresh fruit, before resolving with a lasting bitter dryness, making for something of magic hour fade out.

Guy Southern

Hoppy Passionfruit Sour

Available from the brewery

And in limited keg release at WA venues

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