Five Barrel Brewing Ghost Creek Collection

Five Barrel Brewing

Released August 30th, 2019

Five Barrel founder Phil O’Shea comes from a homebrewing background and hasn't forgotten his roots, as made abundantly apparent by this quartet of releases. Created in partnership with Marcus, a Wollongong homebrewer and friend of Five Barrel, it features the homebrewer’s sour culture in combination with an English ale yeast.

The sat in a 500-litre barrel for about a year and, upon leaving the barrel, was split four ways; there’s a straight version, one that was dry-hopped, another that made friends with some peaches, and a final offering that features an Amazon Basin fruit called achacha.

The resultant base beer is dry and sharp, and throws flavours of orange peel and orange sherbet. If you'd like to try it – and see what how the other three have turned out – you'd best get in quick as when you split a 500 litre barrel four ways you don’t end up with a lot of each.

As for the name, it comes from a story that the ghost of a soldier who killed himself rather than be court-marshalled and is said to haunt a creek in Wollongong to this day.

Glen Humphries

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