Wild Hop Human Music Session NEIPA

Mid-Strength NEIPA

If big, high alcohol beers aren’t your thing or you pulled the short straw and have to man the wheel on the drive home, you can be thankful a visit to Yallingup’s Wild Hop Brewery remains very much on the cards.

Alongside the 6 percent-plus IPAs and stouts sits Human Music, a delectably hazy IPA that lands at a very modest 3.5 percent ABV. Brimming with melon and vibrant citrus thanks to generous additions of Citra and Cashmere hops, the robust hop character is bolstered and carried by a luscious, soft mouthfeel and lemony-lime hop flavours through the lasting finish. Characteristic low IBUs – just 20 – further enhance drinkability and ensure the booze-conscious drinker can comfortably have a couple.

Wild Hop have dialled in the hazy NEIPA style in their primarily New World-driven brewhouse and Human Music is no exception, with the added advantage of being a low alcohol offering for thirsty, responsible punters.

Jono Outred

Wild Hop Brewing Co

1301 Wildwood Road
WA 6282

0488 990 154
Open Hours

All week: 10.45am to 6pm
Winter hours:
Mon to Thurs: 11am to 5pm
Closed: Good Friday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day

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