Willie The Boatman Rise & Shine & No Way Jose, Gose

Willie The Boatman

Published December 17, 2020

They say you shouldn't play with your food, but when it's this much fun...

While breakfast stouts seem to focus on coffee and maple syrup, in the case of Willie The Boatman's Rise & Shine Oat Cream Breakfast IPA, it sets itself up as a bowl of cereal in a glass.

Add the cereal – rolled oats and honey malt play that role here. Chop up some fruit – in this case, 100kg of apricot, peach, mango, passionfruit and guava – to set off the already fruity character of the Galaxy, Citra and Sabro hops. Pour in the milk – lactose, of course, for all your creaminess, sweetness, and calcium needs. You’ve now got yourself a fruity, smooth, healthy breakfast IPA to give you everything you need to start the day!

Later on in the day, when the red sun is sinking below the sand dunes and putting the cactuses into sharp silhouette, crack a No Way Jose, Gose Mezcal Sour. It’s tastes like every Mexican dish you’ve ever eaten all at once, washed down with a margarita.

Willie The Boatman collaborated with Los Agaves Mezcal for this beer, and somehow managed to make a gose that not only captures a number of distinct flavours of Mezcal and Mexican cuisine, but also remains light and refreshing and in no way overwhelming. Salty corn chips and chipotle salsa and zingy lime and smokey Mezcal and savoury refried beans and sour margarita all somehow show up, yet none dominates or overwhelms the palate. The spiciness is subtle, the sourness is clean, the saltiness is moreish, and the smokiness is intriguing.

While the brewery recommends pairing it with Mexican food, I reckon it stands wonderfully on its own. I am, however, mighty tempted by their suggestion of a boilermaker with Los Agaves Mezcal…

Mick Wust

Oat Cream IPA & Mezcal Gose
6.6% & 5.7%
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