Moffat Beach Beach Shack

Moffat Beach Brewing Co

If Matt and Shaz Wilson had a dollar for every person who walked into their brewpub on Moffat Beach and asked for a "normal beer"… well, they’d have a bunch more dollars than they currently do.

Of course, what those people mean is: "Do you have an easy-drinking lager?" And since Matt never had enough tank space for lagering in the cosy brewpub, he never brewed a lager there.

But, when Moffat Beach Brewing opened their larger Production House, Beach Shack Lager was one of the first beers to go through the system, and it spent a comfortable six weeks in tank.

It has a light, natural haze, and a gentle dosing of Ella hops to give it an Aussie twist.

Smash it by the beach. It’s what a normal beer would want.

Mick Wust

Aussie Lager
Moffat Beach Brewing Co

12 Seaview Terrace
Moffat Beach
QLD 4551

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