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I’ve drank beer up a water tower. I’ve drank beer in a bell tower. But I’ve never drank a beer in a lighthouse. When I spent a week in Wollongong, I took daily walks up to Flagstaff Point Lighthouse and down to the Breakwater Lighthouse… but I never got the chance to climb one and crack a tinnie.

Since Breakwater Lighthouse features on the Pacific Peak XPA can, I like to think someone at some point has taken this beer and made my dream a reality. Looking over the fishing boats with the citrus peel character floating off the top of the beer, feeling the cooling breeze while the fruity flavour washes over your tongue without an ounce of heaviness, catching a hint of florals in the back of your mouth as the salt spray starts to accumulate on your lips, letting the fluffy dryness lift right off your tongue as your legs dangle over the edge…

…not that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this or anything.

Mick Wust

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