Hawke's Brewing Lager

Aussie Lager
18 IBU

AIBA 2018 – Best Australian Style Lager

He took a cricket ball to the eye, and came back onto the field wearing an eye patch before the end of the match. He cried on television during a speech following an international tragedy. He won a world record for beer drinking in his student days, but matured into a man who used beer to fund environmental conservation.

Bob Hawke was a complex man, but he had simple tastes, so it makes sense that Hawke’s Brewing’s first beer was a lager designed to suit Bob’s tastebuds. A whiff of the grain sweetness you smell when you walk past a brewery, a hint of citrus lying beneath the surface, and a whole lot of satisfaction as the mellow malt slides across your tongue.

It’s made from Australian malt and hops, and it took out the Best Australian Style Lager trophy at the 2018 AIBAs. A lager like this is hardworking behind the scenes, but easy to get along with – just like Bob.

Mick Wust

Hawke's Brewing

8-12 Sydney Street
NSW 2204

Open Hours

Mon & Tues: midday to 10pm
Wednesday: midday to 11pm
Thurs & Fri: midday to midnight
Saturday: 11am to midnight
Sunday: 11am to 10pm

Canberra Fest 2024 B
Frigid Cloud 2 B

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