Uraidla Brewery Future Light Little Pale Ale

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Given this is the lowest in ABV of any Uraidla beer (at time of writing) and the brewers train much of their focus on brewing high impact, low alcohol beers, it's fair to say Future Light is one close to the Adelaide Hills team's heart. That it landed in the top ten best Australian drinks in 2021 suggests it's one they brew well too.

A far cry from the light beers of yore, Future Light is hazy AF thanks in part to the use of an East Coast yeast, with the liquid home to lemon citrus and mandarin flavours and aromas derived from the uncommon hop blend of Sabro, Blanc, Cascade and Loral. Add in a lively, crisp carbonation and you've got a fruity affair with a texture like a traditional lemonade that delivers more than its 2.9 percent ABV might promise.

James Smith

Hazy Light Pale Ale
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