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Published January 7, 2022

Like clockwork, summer arrives and Black Brewing reach for the button marked "Fruit Sour". OK, so it's a statement that could be made for many a brewer around Australia, particularly those in Black's home state of WA, where kettle sours – and, increasingly, slushie sours – have arguably been more popular than in any other part of Australia.

For 2021/22, the Black brewers decided strawberries were the way to go – 180kg of them added to the beer – with the aim of recreating a gelato vibe in each can. Strawberry Sour pours a soft 'n' cloudy pastel pink (a bit like melted gelato, now I think about it), and serves up a little lacto on the nose alongside the lightly sweet fruit. Indeed, it's more sweet than sour to taste with just a wee tang to finish things off (like a gelato, now I think about it).

James Smith

Strawberry Sour
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