The Suburban Brew Goodwood/Glynburn Gold & Boh-Ella Pilsner

Aussie Lager & Bohemian Pilsner
4.8% & 5.0%

When planning their Glynde brewery, Suburban included in a few horizontal lager serving tanks, encouraging the brewers to conquer the challenge of brewing a solid lager. Enter Goodwood/Glynburn Gold, an Australian lager whose name changes depending on where it is being consumed: their Goodwood taproom or their brewery (Glynburn is the main road leading you there).

And a solid lager it is, uncomplicated but wholesome, with a pale-yellow colour and good clarity. There are earthy, herbal notes on the nose, followed by a touch of honey, toast and spice to taste. There's enough mouthfeel to ensure it isn’t watery yet not so much to take it out of sessionable territory, while the finish is dry, moreishingly dry in fact. Yes, that's right: moreishingly.

It seems that the goal wasn’t to brew just one solid lager either, but several. Boh-Ella Pilsner is a Bohemian pilsner base with a heavy dry hop of Ella for a blend of old and new world pilsner stylings. The clean, crisp elements of the Czech pilsner base allow the Ella hops to really shine, adding fresh, bright, grassy notes first, before white grapes and some lychee chime in. There is a touch of bitterness amid the solid dry finish, making for a lager with drinkability to the fore.

Matt King

Published April 8, 2023

The Suburban Brew

96 Goodwood Road
SA 5034

Open Hours

Thursday: 4pm to 10pm
Friday: midday to 10pm
Saturday: midday to 10pm
Sunday: midday to 6pm

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