The Suburban Brew Gettin' There & Reaching Equilibrium

Summer Ale & Double IPA
4.7% & 8.5%

Brewery builds are rarely completed on time or to schedule: council delays, trouble finding tradespeople, or maybe just the weather. This was no different for the Suburban team and their Glynde brewery, where the saying, "Gettin’ there" became an everyday slogan. In beer form, Gettin' There is a heavily dry-hopped summer ale that showcases Cashmere, Mosaic and Citra hops in attempting to capture all the wonderful elements of summer.

Mouthfeel, appearance, and malt structure see the beer pour like a pale ale, yet it's hopped more like an IPA. There are big, resinous elements that come through both in the aroma and flavour, supported by a little underlying pineapple. The hop flavours really linger late on the palate, showing off a reserved bitterness, while the malt brings a touch of biscuit and toast ahead of a medium dry finish.

Balance is spoken about often in life, whether it's work, socialising and family, exercise, healthy food and binge food, spending and saving money, to name a few. But when creating a big double IPA, balance really does swing to the fore. Reaching Equilibrium is Suburban’s first attempt at such a beer and it seems the end result can be ticked off as mission accomplished with the tasting notes on the can nailing the description.

Sweet, sticky malts lay the base, with a little crystal, some caramel and a touch of honey. Resin and pine reign supreme in what's an old school West Coast style double. There's a firm bitterness to counter the sweetness and even a little candied orange citrus. It is big, bold and balanced, reaching peak equilibrium.

Matt King

Published April 18, 2023

The Suburban Brew

96 Goodwood Road
SA 5034

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