Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine

An epic cycling trip from Alaska to Costa Rica, visiting 150 breweries along the way, was all it took to convince partners Billy Barneston and Anna Suthers to start a brewery of their own. Travelling more than 9,000 kilometres through nine countries provided them not only with an impressive amount of market research, but extensive time in which to brainstorm.

Billy, then a brewer for a Sydney-based contract operation, and Anna, a physiotherapist by trade, but with a penchant for graphic design, began creating the recipes and branding for their creation, the Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine. Upon their return to Australia, they hit the ground running and set up shop close to home in a former bakery in Tarrawanna, in Wollongong’s northern suburbs.

Most intriguing is the name, a reference to the concept of an overcomplicated machine used to indirectly perform a simple task; for the uninitiated, watch this video. In this case, that task is brewing, and the overcomplicated fashion is that, where possible, liquid transfer between vessels is predominantly done manually, taking full advantage of gravity.

The reason for that is twofold – firstly, it makes the brewery look extremely cool, but it also avoids the use of pumps and metres of stainless steel tubing, whose electricity and manufacturing costs have most consequence on the environment.

In fact, sustainability is one of the brewery’s core values, evidenced in part by the closed-circuit cold liquor system. It works by using water from the refrigerated tank to cool the wort during brewing, then transferring the now-heated water to the open-topped lauter tun, where it is left to cool to room temperature before returning to the cold liquor tank. Twenty-four brews later and the original water in the cold liquor tank is yet to be replaced, giving the brewery a water to beer efficiency of 2.6 litres per 1 litre brewed (in layman's terms: bloody efficient).

Another example of sustainability is found in the bar top, made from recycled Radiata Pine from a tree that fell on Anna’s family property in the Blue Mountains six years ago.

Within the venue, the Brewing Machine takes prime position. Firm believers that beer is best enjoyed in the “shadow is the brewery in which it was made,” the taps are merely a few steps away from the bright tanks from which they are served, which in turn are close by to the fermenters, all named after female sportswomen (such as American gymnast Simone Biles, Australian rugby sevens player Charlotte Caslick and surfer Steph Gilmore).

The beer in those fermenters isn’t served anywhere else, not even in kegs. The only way to take some away is via reusable, counter pressure-filled stainless steel growers, emblazoned with the brewery’s logo.

The entire brewery and its furnishings were built by Anna and Billy themselves, with help from family and a few friends whose names have been immortalised in the core range of beers. By far the most popular is “Matt”, an easy-drinking Kölsch, who's joined by the likes of an ESB named “Adam” and a NEIPA named “Sandbar”. Each beer has been through rigorous microbiology testing thanks to the little laboratory positioned in the corner of the brewery and, as a consequence, are likely to be some of the best examples of those styles around.

Those beers can be enjoyed, as Anna and Billy intended, in the shadow of the brewery itself, in a space that’s tastefully decorated with little trinkets, clean wood, tile furnishings and fairy lights between the fermenters. Alternatively, they can be enjoyed in full sun in the outdoor wooden beer garden, sunscreen provided. The beer garden is directly next to a Thai restaurant and café, and two doors down from a fish and chip shop, and you can consume food from either at the brewery. You can also take your Reub Goldberg growler to enjoy at the Thai restaurant while food trucks, though a rarity, visit once a month.

For now, the team remains small, with Anna and Billy joined by two other brewers, Nick and Tash, as well as brewdog and mascot Kodah (the brewery is dog friendly; well-behaved children are tolerated).

This family-owned, small business vibe makes the brewery welcome and inviting, so it’s no surprise it’s quickly been embraced by the locals as the spot to hang out. But, in the absence of distribution and with their marvellous Brewing Machine to marvel at, there’s only one way to find out why for yourself.

Marie Claire Jarratt

Beers will be added to the site soon!

Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine

81 Meadow Street
NSW 2515

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Thurs & Fri: 3pm to 8pm Sat & Sun: midday to 8pm

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