Neighbourwood Beers with Molly Rose and The Mill

Sun 30 Jul 12:00pm

Neighbourwood Beers with Molly Rose and The Mill

Having a good neighbour has a lot of perks. They can keep an eye out for rascally troublemakers in your 'hood. They probably won't mind as much when you have your music going too loud, too late. And you can borrow stuff. 

In the case of near-neighbours Molly Rose and The Mill, they've had a chat over the metaphorical fence and decided to make and share a bit of beer. 

First, Molly Rose headed over to The Mill and together they brewed a Helles lager. So far, so traditional. But then The Mill aged the lager on French oak staves for three months. Molly Rose then siphoned off a portion of this now-oak-aged Helles and re-fermented it on raspberries in a barrel that had been freshly emptied of a mixed fermentation saison. From one beer has come two: the neighbour-wood beers, which you can read about here.

Now comes the fun part: trying them. 

Head to either venue from midday on July 30 and you can try the other's creation: Molly Rose will be pouring the barrel aged Helles and The Mill will be pouring the oak aged Helles. Representatives from the breweries will be at other one's place for the day so you can have a chat about the beers (or whatever you like). 

They'll have special mixed four packs for sale on the day, and if you get there between midday and 2pm and buy one Neighbourwood beer you'll get the other one free, which is very nice and neighbourly indeed. 

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